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ICP License Application Procedure

ICP License Application Procedure

As per the existing laws and regulations of the ministry of industry and information technology of the People’s Republic of China, all websites hosted on a server in mainland China must first obtain an ICP license. We have prepared this short guide to assist Hostinginchina clients to understand better about the required documents and the application procedure.

Required Documents:
1) Copy of original of the business license in China, with the company seal on it
2) Domain name certificate
3) ID card copy of contact person (must be Chinese national)
4) Photo ID of contact person (must be Chinese national)
5) Signed ICP application forms: Information to provide on the forms include:
-Your official company name
-Your company registered address
-Name of the company investor(s)
-Type of company
-Contact person ID card number, mobile number, office line number, email account
-Website information (domaine name, homepage, name of the website, type of website, type of content)
All forms are provided in Chinese and should be filled in Chinese only.

Application Procedure:
1) Purchase the relevant China hosting plan through our website.
2) Download the basic information form and send back to us by email (
3) After receiving our confirmation, download the ICP application form and fill it as per listed requirements.
3) Prepare the required documents as per above
4) Send us all documents by email to
5) Your application will be forwarded to the relevant department within 48h of receipt.

Important Notes:
1) We are unable to apply for licenses under individuals
2) Foreign passport holders cannot be contact person for the website
3) The application takes from 3 to 6 weeks on average depending of type of website and province of registration of the company
4) After application is successfully submited please do not contact us for updates. Once approved (or denied) your provided contact person will be informed directly by the ICP bureau. Hostinginchina does not have any mean to track on the status of an application.
5) Foreign companies (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) cannot apply for an ICP license
6) The ICP license cannot be applied for a website not hosted within mainland China
7) For new .cn domain names an ICP license is required prior to activation by the registrar
8) We can help to apply for the ICP license only for websites hosted on Hostinginchina’s servers
9) Our service fee for assisting in the ICP license application is $50 (one-time).

Once the website is complete, can I update it myself?

Yes, you own the website and you can make changes at any time if you wish. You need to have a licensed copy of a Web design software and know how to transfer files to and from your live website (which are included in our website hosting setup documentation that is sent to you at the time of hosting).As we designed you website, it would be easy for us to do changes and you may want to sign-up for one of the website maintenance contracts as appropriate to you. Maintenance contract is a separate service and is NOT required to get web design service from us.

We also offer some good online tools (add ons) to help you with content and picture changes on your website. You might ask for more details if you’re planning to update your website yourself. If you’re getting a eCommerce or database solution from us, those tools give you a back-end where you can define and update content on your website fairly easy.

How long does it take to design a website for my business?

It varies from website to website based on the requirement. In the initial consultation, we will provide you the timeline estimates for your project.

If you have the content for your site written before the design process begins, it will help in completing the project quickly. Content should be in electronic format. Not having your copy completed before the design process can significantly delay the completion of your website.

What is the difference between web design and web maintenance?

Web design is the actual creation of the initial web site. Web maintenance is the updating and changing of content on that site. The web design contract is separate from the web maintenance or webmaster agreement. As stated on R & R Web Design’s pricing page, minimal changes to a website will not be assessed. For example, if your e-mail address changes and you want it corrected on the web page, you will not be charged. Simply e-mail your request. However, if you expect your site to change frequently, a web maintenance agreement is highly recommended.