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Google More Successful than Baidu – Why?

Google has been going from strength to strength over the last decade while Baidu may have already reached its peak. These two companies are at the same place in their respective countries but not heading in the same directions.

Baidu’s place in China

When it comes to search, Baidu is at the helm in China. Indeed, the engine takes on 80% of search queries on the internet here and its closest rivals are still light years away when it comes to numbers.
The issue is not so much with the engine but the platforms it uses. Baidu is still mainly used on static computers which have seen sales tumble as tablets and smartphones take up the market.
Google is not overly present in China as a search engine which may explain in part whyBaidu’s part of the market is as big as it is. Now, the greater issue is for the Chinese search engine to find new streams of revenue.

Google’s success

Why is Google so successful? Timing and smart decisions seems to be the clincher when it comes to this mega-company.
Both companies make the vast majority of their revenue through advertisement online. However, Google invested heavily in mobile and other services and is now seeing the rewards of that risk.
Android was purchased in 2005, long before the iPhone hit our shelves and is now the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.
Youtube was bought in 2006 and is now a staple of the global internet and has been promoted to the rank of verb.

How to stay afloat

The problem for Baidu is that it exists in one of the most ferocious and ever evolving environments. It has been noted that the company has dropped value in its shares over the last year despite it being the biggest search engine in the country with the most internet users.
The future will be difficult for Baidu as it will seriously need to develop into a more multi-function platform in the way that Google has managed.
The rise of Baidu maps could be a step in the right direction for a business too heavily reliant on old-school personal computers.

Chinese SEO

We are rather good at Chinese SEO (Chinese Search Engine Optimization) service because we speak Chinese too :). Joking aside, let’s tell you a bit about our Chinese SEO services.

Natural search engine optimization services allow your online content to be spidered, indexed, and ranked on the leading search engines’ non-sponsored search results. Yo-So provides strategic recommendations, traffic analysis, best coding practices for better indexing so that search engine spiders find and read your content for maximum search visibility. By knowledge sharing, analyzing, and reporting on performance and providing ongoing recommendations, Hostinginchina enhances the quality and quantity of your online traffic.

Our Chinese SEO experts and copywriters are all native Chinese speakers and have studied both locally and abroad. We understand the Chinese users’ search behavior better than our competitors. Our Chinese SEO services aim to:


Share with You Chinese SEO Best Practices and Knowledge


The hostinginchina Chinese seo consulting team brings over 10 years of internet experience to your business. We help you understand how search engines index websites and rank results, how to research effective keywords and optimize page content and site navigation, and how to improve your search engine ratings. We help report your rankings of selected keywords on different search engines and how your competitors rank comparatively. We share with you the strength and weakness of your existing SEO status, and we deliver a complete list of approaches and easy to follow steps you can take to excel on rankings. We would also love to help you execute the steps if you so desire.

We adopt only ethical seo techniques and we share with you the SEO best practices so that your website can achieve sustainable higher long term rankings. We enpower you with seo analytical reports, ranking status updates and web traffic analyzer solution to monitor search engine optimization effectiveness. Our total SEO services include consulting, training, reporting, hosted web traffic analyzer solution and SEO execution (such as code optimization, copywriting optimization, Chinese SEO localization, and other external optimization activities).


Chinese SEO Services Deliverables


The hostinginchina Chinese SEO service pack include the following deliverables:

  • Tailor made consulting & analytical studies and reports
  • Research statistics and strategic recommendations for effective SEO and online marketing planning
  • Assessment of existing SEO effectiveness and analysis of your strength and areas for improvement
  • Competitive studies and benchmarking with others
  • External ranking optimization resources assessment and improvement training
  • Keyword research methodologies training and site structure and content optimization training
  • Knowledge transfer of website coding optimization and how it affects overall search engine rankings and visibility
  • Knowledge transfer on conversion optimization of critical site pages and linking efficiencies
  • Knowledge transfer on leading search engine characteristics and search portals’ relationships
  • Training on how to effectively use hostinginchina Site Track or other tools to track your SEO achievements
  • Code and page content optimization for Chinese search engines
  • External SEO optimization steps and methodologies training
  • Competitive SEO intelligence of the Chinese market

Additional Services Available:

  • Website localization into Chinese as an additional service
  • Search engine optimization execution

If you are interested in our Chinese SEO services and would like to see a few successful case studies, please contact us for more details or fill out the following inquiry form. We will get back to you within one business day.


How to Choose a Managed Hosting Company

There are an ever-growing number of managed hosting companies to choose from in today’s current climate, due to an increasing necessity for software as a service. The greater the choice, the greater the difficulty when it comes to differentiating between a hosting company that is good, and a hosting company that is not so good; however, if you stick to some simple rules, and ask the right questions, then you can negate the possibility of ending up tied into a managed hosting contract that does not fulfil your managed hosting needs.

It is important to make the correct considerations, and not jump feet-first into a contract with the first application service provider you come across. Dedicated managed hosting varies tremendously from company to company, and so therefore the chances of the first company you speak to, having the ability to fulfil your managed hosting needs, is marginal. It is only once you’ve made all your considerations, and you know what it is that your company will be demanding from your managed hosting company, on a day-to-day basis, that you can begin your search: knowing what questions to ask at the point of sale is paramount.

How Does Their C.V. Read? Unless the managed hosting company you’re considering has a record of accomplishment in regards to running infrastructures for global enterprises then look elsewhere – they will not be able to fulfil your needs. The industry is awash with companies providing a broad service, and we all know the old proverb, don’t we – Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master-Of-None! Companies such as this are simply trying to capitalize on the Software as a Service business model, and take advantage of gaps in consumer knowledge.

Do not allow your company to fall victim to such practices. Your hosting provider MUST have a successful track record when it comes to the implementation of dedicated managed hosting. In addition, the managed hosting service provider you choose needs to fulfil a variety of other Software as a Service requirements, namely:

o Capacity planning o Compliance o Visibility o New technology integration

Run this by whomever it is that a prospective company puts you on the phone to – if they cannot parse what you are saying, then the company cannot fulfil your needs – full stop.

Willing to Work Alongside You Managed hosting is not without its intricacies, and with this in mind it beneficial to work with a company whose managed hosting service is not just about doing what you request, but working with you to develop both your business and your brand. Scalability is of great importance, and the last thing you want is to outgrow a managed hosting company’s capabilities.

An experienced managed hosting company will have dealt with scenarios that your company is likely to come across as it grows, and therefore have developed processes for dealing with difficulties. It is this experience that you are looking for in a managed hosting provider: a provider that has already done the thinking for you, and can proceed to do so in the future. Choose a managed hosting company that shares your vision, and is also looking at the bigger picture.

Website Layout design- Your Online Presence

Website layout design can be termed as an enduring work. A superior website layout design suits the overall theme of the website. This can also hold the flow of web traffic for online business. There are some constituents involved in website layout design such as headers, footers, pictures and content that can bring in right value for the website layout design. Website layout design is an aspect that has managed to acquire more response among the web designers.

The layout design is considered as one of the most exciting and challenging task in the graphical part of a website. You can get a direct access in website layout designs with just the touch of a button that can be stored in templates. Images play very important role in web designing so you have to find the suitable images that agree with the consumers business. The images can make the website eye-catching & good-looking.

You have to opt fonts cautiously for website with the appropriate range of the image according to the client’s want. The font selection is vital for creative web designing. All graphics for the web layout have to be created with proper combination of visual effects and color. You have to place each parts of website very watchfully with equal importance.

Nowadays online business appears to be drawing more and more concentration across the globe for web application development. Most of the people want to announce an online business format to exhibit their products and services among the worldwide customers efficiently. The affordable company can give your business a professional edge. It is more essential to make a website layout design order to reach potential customers.

Web page needs to be loaded first while choosing for website layout design. It is not good for you if the page is loading slowly. It may offer some harmful impact on the online business if the visitors can not access the page rapidly. The web page is announcing to let web visitors about certain services and products to deal with. The consumers will happy when the pages are opening quickly and at the same time they will agree to business with you.

You should not allow the pop up option in the first page or the landing page because the visitors can bother while browsing the main page to identify more services and products. Some people add background music for their site but it is boring for the customers to collect required information through the site. You have to made ideas clearly to harvest a final website design for your website.

Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin Review – Best Guide To Increase Page Rank

Some people prefer these steps :

1. Alter your phrases. Search engines focus on the phrases your page uses and also the weight of the search phrase or keywords used. When writing your site’s content, make sure to place the greatest emphasis on the keywords or keywords and phrases. Find out what different keywords search engines search.

2. Turn your site into a resource. Search engines will give your page a ranking based in part how a resource they think it’s to others. To make your site much more of a resource, attempt to become an expert inside your particular area.

3. Keep your site is pertinent. Search engines also make ranking decisions in line with the relevancy of the page in terms of the topic it is about. To create your site more relevant, be sure to provide regular updates and timely information.

4. Partner along with other quality sites. Linking to other quality sites and having other quality sites connect to your page is an extremely important factor search engines use in determining rank. Be sure to contact other relevant sites and question forming partnership links.

For some reason, it seems rather difficult for most people to perform, but you do not worry because there are more creative methods to do it.

Now, let’s discuss about Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin from Paul Forcey and just how it might assist you. I hope this simple Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin Review will assist you to differentiate whether Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin is Scam or a Genuine.

Google, Yahoo and all sorts of search engines regularly update their search page rankings. When they update these rankings, they appear at certain key aspects of each available page. The easiest way to improve your pr in the next update is to highlight your improvements on the components the search engines concentrate on.

Rank Tracker Plugin helps me spot new niches which are growing in popularity, where I can succeed. That’s been one of the greatest surprises as I survey each site’s traffic with Rank Checker. Being a stride ahead of the levels of competition are invaluable.

Tips For Improving SQL Server Performance

Database servers are a cornerstone of modern businesses ranging from Google to 7-Eleven. When you run your credit card at a convenience or grocery store, your purchase is registered into a point of sale system backed by a database. Your credit card company registers the funds transfer into a database server containing your financial records. If you use a discount card, yet another database server comes into play. Databases enable businesses to track inventory, perform margin analysis, automate purchases, and identify customer trends—and to do all of this much more quickly and efficiently than ever before!

It has been a long time since I visited any business that did not rely on some type of database server, if only to track purchases and expenses. But I constantly communicate with businesses that lack a plan to ensure these databases function properly on an ongoing basis.

Hosting Database servers at the data center helps your database remain a vital component of your business infrastructure, rather than a time-wasting black hole for IT resources.

We recently sat down with our engineering team to provide you a few tips on how we help accomplish just that:

Tip 1: Host in a Data Center Simple power quality issues such as brownouts, blackouts or even a mere voltage fluctuation can result in your server powering down. SQL-based database systems are sensitive to these unanticipated shutdowns, resulting in errors in transaction logs and database instability. Hosting that same database server in a secure data center —where power quality is monitored every second of every day by trained engineers—helps ensure 100% uptime. So when you are ready to start your business day, your SQL database will be ready to start as well!

Tip 2: Maximize IOPS One vital performance metric for database systems is Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). IOPS is important here as a measurement of how fast storage devices can read and write, which is the primary operation metric of database systems such as SQL. Remember that in reading from and writing to a database, most hard disks must physically move, which takes time—especially if you need to read and write from separate physical areas of your disk. By making read and write tasks concurrent, you can speed up this process with almost no administrative effort. Instead of a single disk array handling both your operating system and application, opt for two arrays to handle each task on separate disks. Choosing serial-attached SCSI drives with high RPMs for your database, and enterprise-level SATA drives for your operating system will drastically improve read and write performance

Importance of website footers

Website footers are one of the most ignored elements of a site. Not many site owners give a lot of importance to them. The footer is placed at the bottom of the page and will be seen last by anyone who visits your site. This also means that it gives you one last opportunity to make the person visiting your site take some action that will be beneficial to your business before he/she leaves the page. How your footer looks is not the only thing that is important. What is also important is what it contains and how it can add to your site’s performance.

There are various elements of a website footer. Some of them are given below:

Site Map

One of the most crucial things that you should include in your website footer is links to all the important pages of your site. If your site has a form based navigational structure, then the links given in the footer can become the main navigational links for different search engines. It would be best if all of these links contain keywords that link back to the respective pages. Most sites use the footer like a small sitemap. The footer can not only have links of product and service pages but also links of other pages as well. If the footer cannot be used as a sitemap, then the site owner can at least place an HTML link of the sitemap in the footer.


One of the latest trends is web design is to add a feed of the newest content of the site on the footer. It could be in the form of a blog feed, tweets, new articles added to the site or any other kind of content. Adding content on the footer has many plus points. Since it is added in the footer, it will not take away from the focus of the page and will keep the visitor’s attention on the main content of the page till he/she gets down. The other advantage is that fresh content will get added to the page if the feed is added to the footer. This will help your site from the SEO point of view.

Social Media Buttons

The world is moving towards social media and it has become very important for business and personal websites to take social media seriously. You may include your social media profile on the footer of your site. This will let your visitors share the content from your site to their other contacts.

Call to Action

A visitor to the site reaches the footer after going through all the other content of the page. At such a time, if the website does not guide the visitor, it may lose out on a potential customer. The footer will be like the user’s last chance to take any kind of action. Action could be in the form of signing forms, transactions, buying products or sending an inquiry. The call to action button can be placed on the footer.


Many times a visitor may not know what to do after he/she has gone through the entire page and reaches the end of the page. It can sometimes help the visitor to take decisions if you have your social media icons and call to action links in the footer. Besides this, the footer can also be used to gain the trust of your visitor and build credibility. Any BBB Accreditation safety certificates, membership to industry bodies, testimonials, awards and any other such things can be placed there. If these are put in the footer, it will help your visitor take a decision about your site if he/she has any doubts.

Contact Information

Your contact information is another vital thing that can be placed in the footer. The contact information will help to convince your visitor that the website is real and not a hoax.

Legal Information

A good footer will also have any legal information about the company. Things like the disclaimer, privacy policy, legal declaration, information regarding copyright can all be placed in the footer of the site.

A footer is a very important aspect of the site. It not only contains legal information regarding the site but can also be used to highlight any other important aspect of the site. Ignoring the footer of the site can take away a lot of value from it. Similarly there are many other aspects of web design that cannot be ignored. As a business owner or the owner of the site, it may not be possible for you to keep all these aspects in mind when you design your site. You can get distracted by other aspects of your business development and can skip a few aspects while creating your website. That is why, it can help to hire a professional web design company who has experience in designing various websites and who will keep all the important aspects of web design in mind when creating your website for you. Since the company only designs websites and does not have to concentrate on other aspects of business development, they will be able to create your website for you keeping all your business needs in mind. This will help you take one thing off your mind and concentrate better on other aspects of business development.