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The Simple Manual To Cloud Computing Concepts

When you have something important to tell the world, an internet site may very well be the best choice. Whether you are discussing products and services or simply random ideas, the internet is definitely one of the most efficient channels. An email psychic reading the word away, however, you have to first possess reliable Cloud Computing service. This information is packed with details that will make it simpler to understand the different facets that you must think about.

You need to take time to figure out how a lot Cloud Computing genuinely costs and hang up a financial budget for it. This is actually the only way that you could be sure that you will be able to manage to keep your website up and running for the long term.

Make sure that you select a host which has support 24/7. You won’t want to run across an issue or a problem and not be capable of getting a hold of someone quickly. This might harm your company or individual en devours. Once you have picked a number, try giving them a call at an unusual hour to determine is assistance service is accessible.

Before you accept do business with any kind of Cloud Computing, you must do some research on theinternet host. Make sure to find out just how much you are going to need to pay to do business with all of them and what precisely you are getting for the money.

You can more often than not save money on yourinternet hosting if you are paying in advance. Reduced prices for multi-month and annual packages are typical. However, you won’t want to lock in by having an unreliable Cloud Computing. Try out a brand new host for any month or two before you decide to lock in the long-term commitment, and look for the termination and reimbursement policy in advance.

It is important to completely research the shopping cart software functionality of the Cloud Computing if you are planning to work transactions using your website. You need to make certain that the actual shopping cart facilitates several types of payment such as credit cards, instead of only Pay pal. You should also discover whether it is able to calculating delivery costs as well as taxes. Getting shopping cart software which fulfills your requirements will be necessary to the success of your site.

When around the prowl for any Cloud Computing, try to select one have a tendency to has information and other bulletins. A host have a tendency to has information is one in whose company is developing and in whose services tend to be striving to become improved. This lets you much better estimate exactly where this company is going to be at later on. A host in whose company does not have many bulletins is likely one which isn’t changing. Therefore, you need to steer away from these types of.

Now that you have the deeper knowledge of some of the best methods for Cloud Computing, it will be easier to obtain the job done–whatever the task may be. Regardless if you are looking for ways to interact with customers or even keep in touch with family and friends, reliable as well as efficient Cloud Computing will help you to keep in touch.

If your finding a Cloud Computing provider that meets your requirements regarding safety and flexibility then you can take the services of Cloud People. Here you can get all the hosting services that you are seeking. Make your business wider with Cloud hosting services.

Becoming A Computer Technician Tips

If you have a natural affinity for computers, and you enjoy working with machines, then one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs that you might want to look at is that of becoming a computer technician.

Among the benefits of becoming a computer technician is that it is a very varied and interesting profession, in which you can choose from a number of different ways to progress, and also choose whether you would like to be self-employed and running your own business, or you can work for an employer and follow a more structured employment path.

One of the routes into the work of a computer technician in recent years has been to study a course in computer building or repair that will give you a good foundation of knowledge about how computers are constructed, and how the various parts within the computer work together and complement each other.

Another option if you have already been tinkering and upgrading your own computers for some time is to look for a local computer technician who should be fairly experienced, and is willing to take on an apprentice so that you can get plenty of practical experience, and then apply this experience under their supervision as you develop your computer knowledge.

If you prefer to work in an environment where there is a more structured progression and development in your role as a computer technician, then you may want to consider looking at corporations which have large offices in your area, as these will often have a number of IT staff already working there. Among the benefits of following this career path is that the company will often sponsor you or at least give you some support in earning more qualifications and accreditations to help you develop.

Once you have begun to be established as a computer technician, then it is valuable for you to think about getting more qualifications or accreditations, which will allow you to increase the breadth of your knowledge and experience, which will naturally assist you in getting more lucrative opportunities, and moving forwards in your career as a computer technician. These can be either educationally based, or be accreditations provided by manufacturers.

Whichever route you choose, becoming a computer technician can be both an interesting and lucrative profession.

MS SQL Server Hosting Benefits

MS SQL server is a computer application that offers advanced relational database management services to the enterprises. Few of the essential points that make it part of an advantageous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) proposition can be given as:

� Offers complete data solution from data mining to data analysis

� Compliments to existing applications stored on a hosting server

� Offers complete security of records

� Offers protection against frequent crash downs

� Makes hosting services more efficient

� Evenly allocates computing resources

� Offers complete data solution from data mining to data analysis

MS SQL server produced by Microsoft has brought limitless possibilities to the enterprising solutions available for today�s business. This enterprise level database management server from Microsoft has undergone many changes over the years to evolve in its present form. Normally a small or micro enterprise has to face challenges in the areas of execution, lack of lucidity in organizational and professional maneuver. Because of unanalyzed data or unevaluated records, a company finds it difficult to gauge the pace of work. Similarly it is also difficult to record the progress of a team working on a project and the status details of the supervisor or administrator monitoring the entire project.

In today�s world the volume of data is piling up in leaps and bounds and managing them efficiently is becoming quite a challenge for the companies. A company has to search through voluminous data while looking for certain information. This task which is also known as data-mining is a tedious and time consuming task. MS SQL server helps in great deal in the data mining for records. SQL server caters to the needs of multi-users. It allocates available resources among the users without compromising on the hardware efficiency.

� Offers complete security of records

In many cases the security of certain information or resources is also at risk. For any enterprise security of various types of data such as audio, video or graphical is very important. For beginners or entrepreneurs security of data can be absolutely critical and data stored in application other than MS SQL server, security can be breached with a little effort. A person wishing to access or copy the content from databases just needs to gain access of the hard drive. Once gotten the access, all data can be easily copied.

But in SQL server security can be provisioned in three different levels. One level is at the operating system level, the second is at the database level and the third level of security is at the file level. User can prevent unauthorized access at all three levels. Even after gaining the access, it is not easy for the defaulters to copy the data as data copying may also be restricted. This facility is not available in other software applications as available in SQL server.

SQL server ranks high over other applications because of its reliability and high security features also. It offers the users with the flexibility to encrypt certain data, whole database or log files as desired. It also offers the users with an option of defining the policies which relate in some way to the data. A user company can define the type of access granted to its team members, granting of permission to copy or replicate the data etc. A user is intimated upon the violation of such policies by the hosting service provider. The user can also restrict its team members by defining the action to be taken on policy violation.

� Compliments to existing applications stored on a hosting server

The benefits of SQL server can be efficiently availed with the help of third party hosting. This application can be installed on a server run and hosted by hosting service providers. These providers designate the level of security to be entrusted upon the users of such applications. Seeking the services for installing and using SQL server is also good on account of the other services offered by hosting service providers. Offering complete computing services such as replication of basic to advanced applications, operating systems, hard drives, memory etc are all taken care of by the service providers.

A user just needs a basic computer with an internet connection and rest of everything from computing hardware to required software, everything is provided by the hosting service provider. With a minimum investment based on monthly or yearly subscription, a user is offered the support of computer loaded with latest features and hardware. One can purchase an application and ask its service providers to get the application installed on the hosting server. The space allotted to store the data of the users, is virtually limitless. When the SQL server is installed on this hosting server, it becomes easy for the application to fetch, analyze, regulate the response for certain records or data stored in its hard drive.

� Offers protection against frequent crash downs

Normally a server catering to multi-users faces the risk of hanging up or crashing down during the request execution process. SQL server protects the users from such crashes by regulating resource supply to nodes from which there is excessive demand for the data. Though the record fetching to such demanding nodes may be a bit slower but it will not crash and this is one of the great features of a SQL server. It effortlessly offers simultaneous use of same data from two or more users.

� Makes hosting services more efficient

Besides the security there is a huge volume of data to be accessed, referred and arranged in so many ways to deduce certain results or to reach to certain conclusion. SQL server application is a great tool to transform a small and medium enterprise into an efficient enterprise.

Now more and more users are switching to MS SQL server which makes it a better choice for the companies. This is simply because the user community of this server is very resourceful and a user can find the solution for its problem by sneaking into any such online community. Besides the online communities, Microsoft also provides free training sessions on usage of these servers.

� Evenly allocates computing resources

MS SQL also offers buffers management feature wherein a list of records frequently sought are stored in the buffer memory (known as cache memory). Hosting this application server along with other applications on a hosting server provided by a hosting service provider is advantageous for a user in many ways. As Hosting service providers offer higher cache memory which makes it easier to store good amount of records on buffer memory rather than storing them on hard drives. Accessing these records is comparatively less time consuming.

Web Hosting Services

Nowadays, most business and non-business individuals and companies have an Internet presence. An Internet presence is like giving your self or your business global exposure. Having a website, in this day and age is of primary importance to any business or individual wanting to reach out to the world at large.

To have a website, you primarily need two things: a domain name and a web hosting service.

A domain name is your name or your business name on the Internet. It is the address with which people will find your website. For example, is a domain name. This domain name must be purchased from a domain name registrar who is registered with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

After that is taken care of, there is the data that is shown on your website like your web pages and images and so on. That needs to be stored somewhere, so that when someone checks your website, they can see the data online. A web hosting company will provide this service for you by providing you with space on their servers. This is a web or an Internet hosting service.

Of course, these are the basic concepts of a web hosting service. Most web hosting companies will also incorporate domain registration services within their services profile, and combine both these functions. It has also become customary nowadays to combine this with e-mail hosting services as well, to generate additional functionality for the customers.

However, emerging technologies have given rise to several more services which can be effectively combined with these web hosting provisions. Let us look at a few of these services.

Dedicated Hosting Services

This is a kind of service where the customer can lease an entire server which is not shared by anyone else. Thus, the customer has full control over the server which means he can choose his operating system, install his own software and hardware and so on. Some Internet hosting service providers may also include server administration services as an add-on. But some larger corporations may choose to take care of their administration needs themselves. This is a solution which is quite useful for large corporations who may have a large amount of data on these servers which can be accessed via their website. This also involves taking security measures such as firewalls to ensure the security of the data.

Virtual Private Server

This is a kind of server space where a technology known as ‘virtualization’ allows many servers to run on the same physical server. What happens is that the server is partitioned into multiple servers. Each of these servers has the capability to run on its own machine and be booted independently. These services are often less costly than other kind of server services such as dedicated hosting services. Another advantage to customers is that they can install several programs on these servers, and run them on their websites.

Shared Hosting Services

A shared hosting service is a service, wherein, several sites can be hosted on the same server. Each site has its own partitioned server space and all the website owners share the costs of hosting between themselves. This solution is very cost-effective and quite popular with most people on the Internet who want to host simple and small websites.

Free Web Hosting Services

Who hasn’t heard of this service? Most everyone on the Internet wants to go for anything that is available for free! However, the free web hosting services usually provide you with a sub-domain on their website domain, such as or they may provide a directory on their domain, such as

Colocation Center

This is a kind of a data center. The data that is stored on one server can be simultaneously stored on one or many different server(s). This service is provided by a Colocation Center. The idea is suitable for websites which run critical services or for websites which need 24 X 7 connectivity for their customers. So in case one server fails, the site is managed via another server. Also in case of data loss on one server, the data back-up is immediately available from the other server.

E-Mail Hosting Service

This is one of the services which are considered de rigueur for many website hosting providers. This means that the website owner gets a certain number of e-mail accounts which have his website address in it, such as where a person working with has his company domain name in his e-mail address. Depending upon the website hosting service plan one purchases, a certain number of e-mail addresses can be configured and used.

Blog Hosting

This is another service that has come up in the recent years. A blog or a weblog is a software which contains a content management system. These applications are usually available on the Internet to be downloaded and installed on the web servers. However, nowadays, most web hosting services also provide pre-installed hosting plans for blogs. This means, that the software is already installed on the server and you can choose to activate it, should you choose to put up a blog on your website.

E-commerce and Business Web Hosting

This is a solution package offered by several service providers for companies which carry on their business or sales activities via the Internet. An e-commerce hosting plan may, therefore, include different add-ons such as shopping cart software, an online payment gateway solution, and, in some cases, even a merchant account online. The solution is customized for different businesses as well.

Thus, we can see that having a website has now opened up a variety of avenues for companies wanting to expand their business, cut their costs, and increase their global presence due to the various web hosting services available on the Internet.

Shared Hosting vs VPS

One of the best ways to reach out to a global market is by advertising your products and services through a website. For a website to stay up 24 x 7, it has to be hosted on a web server. It is of course possible to set up your own web server, but it requires substantial maintenance work and advanced equipment to keep it running 24 x 7. Instead, outsourcing the job of hosting web pages to companies which run professional web hosting services is a more cost-effective option. There are three prime options to choose from. You could go for a dedicated web server, which hosts your site exclusively or go for either of shared hosting and VPS. The dedicated server option is mandatory for websites with high daily traffic, while the rest of the two options are ideal for small business web hosting with low traffic.

Difference Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

Both shared hosting and VPS hosting services are designed to keep your website up 24 x 7 and they differ substantially in the amount of control that a webmaster gets in hosting the website and adding many software facilities.

Basic Difference in Features
A shared hosting service manages multiple websites through the same computer server software. The resources of the server are divided to host every one of the websites. Each website may be provided with a separate hard drive volume, to host its web pages.

The user control is provided through software programs installed on the server like DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel and InterWorx. Using these web based control systems, the webmasters can upload and make changes to the content of their web pages. Most of the standard applications are made available to webmasters, but the entire job of server maintenance and software upgrades is handled by the hosting company.

If you need advanced software development for your website, shared web hosting is not the ideal choice. The operating system used is mostly Linux. A typical service will offer you plenty of hard drive space on the server, FTP, mySQL databases and email. Such a service can also be run privately and is known as server colocation.

A VPS (virtual private server) service offers a separate operating system for every web site along with dedicated RAM, which allows a webmaster to have complete control over the site management and also provides the freedom to carry out advanced software development. So even though your website shares the same machine with other websites, your own opertaing system is isolated. These service provide high bandwidth and the user is complete in charge of server administration. These are ideal for websites with moderate level traffic and plenty of online software features.

Shared Hosting Vs VPS: Security Comparison
When you analyze the security features of both services, it will be realized that VPS is more secure than shared hosting. If one website that is a part of the shared hosting program is hacked, all other websites shared on it are vulnerable to hacking attacks. On the other hand, since VPS services offer a separate operating system, they are more secure. So if you are looking for a high level of security and expecting a high amount of traffic, VPS is a better choice.

Not surprisingly, VPS is costlier compared to shared hosting services as they offer dedicated RAM, more facilities and greater level of security. You will find VPS services which charge upwards of $30 per month to more than $100 per month for hosting your website. On the other hand, a shared hosting service has a starting cost around $7 per month, which may range up to $20 for greater number of facilities and bandwidth. Shared hosting has advantages when it comes to cost. If you are looking for low cost web hosting, this is the hosting type you should go for.

For small websites with very limited traffic, shared hosting is the cheapest and most cost-effective option, but it provides very limited amount of control to the user. On the other hand, for websites with a greater amount of traffic load and more functionality, a VPS service is ideal. Analyze your web hosting requirements and your budget to decide which of the two services will be ideal for your website.

Features To Look For In A Good Web Hosting Service Provider

If you search the internet for a list of web hosting service providers you will be amazed at the number of vendors who are ready to offer you their service in this arena. This will make your choice very tough. However there are a lot of factor that you need to carefully consider before deciding on one of them. For starters you could easily checkout the online reputation that these service providers enjoy. This will help you make a shortlist of some of them who have a great reputation online. However, there are a lot of other factors that also need your careful consideration.

Checkout the control panel
Most often you may get so engrossed in the list of services that the web hosting service provider is offering you that you forget to check the control panel and its user friendliness. If your service provider offers you a long list of services and a control panel that is not user friendly at all imagine the situation that you would be in? You would have no clue as to where to start and how to use the functions that have been provided to you. You will lose a lot of valuable time learning the applications and other modalities. Hence the primary factor that you need to ensure is a good and user friendly control panel.

Ensure automatic backup
Before you choose a web hosting service provider do make sure that the service provider offers you a facility to maintain an automatic backup system. This is very relevant because you could end up facing unpredictable situations and such accidents could lead you to complete or partial data losses. Such a loss can have devastating results and could lead to some very serious trouble for you and your customers. Hence it is very critical that you choose a service provider who is willing to provide you with complete automated backup facilities.

Statistical tools
Building and hosting a website is not a onetime process but a process that keep on going. You will be on the lookout for all options that could help you improve your website and increase the traffic to your website. While there are a lot of tools that are available in the market to help you with this , your service provider must be capable of giving you a good interface when it comes to statistical analysis. This will give you an upper hand when it comes to making changes and other modifications on your website to suit customer preferences.

Service levels
Another important factor that you need to consider while choosing your service provider is the level of customer service that the web hosting company is able to provide you with. This is very critical because in case you don’t get timely service you could experience serious difficulties in managing your website in good condition. Do ensure that the service centre of the company has people who can understand the language that you converse in.

Web Hosting Guidelines

Web hosting demands prudent planning to create the finest domino effect in agreement with the site you are preparing to launch. With the explosion of numerous web host corporations, selecting the best is not a tall order. There are countless aspects to be put into consideration before settling for the services. To choose the right one for your requirements, shop around and use these guidelines for you to make a sensible choice.

1. Have your standard. Before you pick a web hosting corporation, make sure that you already have a plan of your premeditated site and its use to recognize the essentials and basics. This renders everything smooth and getting what is right for your website is never an issue. Therefore, write down your necessities and tackle them one by one.

2. The presence of technical and customer care services – It is actually a vital aspect to consider bearing in mind that occasionally owing to situations beyond your reach, glitches will occur. Hence, you must know their schedule. Weather it is an email support ticket, or a 24/7 hotline or an emergency help desk, so long as you are satisfied with it, then that’s the path to follow.

3. Back up measures. All the same, even if you have one, you ought to deal with a company that that backs up your personal data. You’ll certainly not know what the future holds, thus at least you are certain that your files are safe and accessible anytime you need them.

4. Emergency policies- What if sheets happens, does the hosting corporation give assurance that their services will not be interjected? This is very critical particularly when the server collapses or on the event of power shortage. Ensure you pick a company that if anything transpires, you can uninterruptedly get their services, nevertheless that’s the purpose of their presence.

5. Anti-spam strategy- Spamming is very rampant but then again it can be vetoed if the hosting business has an anti-spam plan. It is very traumatic in case you’ll encounter spammers now and again, therefore, to avoid the untimeliness it will bring, make sure to you venture into business with the right company.

6. Payment system- Indubitably, make sure you on the safe side particularly in monetary matters. Yes, when money talks, everyone listens. Occasionally, a web host may decide to exploit its customers by charging them even when the deal was previously annulled. This mainly applies when credit cards are the mode of payments. To be secure, search for a web host that admits recompense through PayPal, or any other safer alternative other than credit card since it can be instantly ended when discrepancy occurs.

Other features – Does these match your needs and customers’ demands?

While the listed necessities are extremely essential, there are different internets hosting features that it is important to consider too. Can hosting supplier support video clips on your web site, if you have? Is the webhosting service suitable with Dreamweaver or FrontPage net authoring tool? Do you plan to arrange a digital store online? Those are some of the few questions that you have to ask yourself before choosing a web hosting company for your services.

For those who may think that they have now gotten the right company, make sure you do not rush into conclusion based on assumptions. Instead, pursue some element that draws you to pick the firm for your web hosting services. Engaging in talk forums, going through comments, and testimonies might prove to be useful. You must select an exceptional web-hosting corporation for you to prosper and gain the benefits of your services.

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Where there is no work, there is no dignity

CAGLIARI, Sardinia — Pope Francis denounced what he called big business’s idolatry of money as he traveled Sunday to one of Italy’s poorest regions to offer hope to the unemployed and entrepreneurs struggling to hang on.

“Where there is no work, there is no dignity,” he said.

Francis left aside his prepared remarks and spoke off the cuff to thousands of people in Sardinia’s capital, telling them he knew well what it was like to suffer from financial crisis. He recalled that his Italian parents, who immigrated to Argentina before he was born, spoke about it often at home.

“My young father went to Argentina full of illusions of making it in America,” a somber Francis told the crowd at the start of a daylong visit to the island. “And he suffered the terrible crisis of the 1930s. They lost everything. There was no work.”

He said it’s easy for a priest to come and tell the poor to have courage, but that he really meant it. Amid shouts of “Lavoro! Lavoro!” (Work! Work!), Francis called for a dignified work for all.

Sardinia, known for its pristine beaches and swank vacation homes, has been particularly hard-hit by Italy’s economic crisis, with businesses closing and more and more of the island’s families forced to seek charity. The island’s desperation made headlines last year when a coal miner, participating in an underground sit-in to protest the planned closure of the mine, slashed his wrists on television.

Unemployment in Italy is at 12 percent, with youth unemployment a staggering 39.5 percent. In Sardinia and the rest of Italy’s south and islands, the figures are even worse: Unemployment is nearing 20 percent, with youth unemployment at 50 percent.

Francis told the Sardinians, some of whom wore hardhats from their defunct factory jobs, that the economic problems were the result of a global economic system “that has at its center an idol called money.”

Francis has made reaching out to the poor and most marginal the priority of his pontificate. This is only his second visit to an Italian city outside Rome; the first was to the isolated island of Lampedusa, where thousands of migrants come ashore each year.

Francis noted the similarity, saying both islands were places of immense suffering but also hope.

“It’s easy to say `don’t lose hope,'” he said. “But to all of you who have work, and to those who don’t, let me tell you: Don’t let yourselves be robbed of hope.”

Later, Francis celebrated Mass in the piazza outside the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria, the island’s patron and namesake of Francis’ native Buenos Aires. The pope is particularly devoted to the Madonna and wanted to make a pilgrimage to the shrine.

After Mass, Francis met with the poor and some prisoners in the capital’s cathedral, delivered a speech at the island’s Catholic university and gave an off-the-cuff pep rally to young Sardinians gathered in a main square before returning to Rome.

He shared a personal detail with the kids, that Saturday had marked the 60th anniversary when he first felt the call to be a priest.

“In all these years that have passed, I’ve had some successes, joys, but also years of failure, fragility and sin,” he said. “Sixty years on the path of the Lord.”

In a sign that the exhausting day was starting to take its toll, Francis inadvertently slipped into his native Spanish in his final public remarks in Sardinia, which like many of Italy’s regions has its own dialect.

“Hah,” he chuckled. “Even I’m speaking dialect here.”

Marketing in China: Twenty Years On

I have lived in China since 1994 and in Shanghai since 1998. When people hear this, the most common reaction is, “You must have seen huge changes.” I respond, “Perhaps not quite as much as you might expect.” Lifestyles, even attitudes, of Mainland Chinese have evolved dramatically. However, the country’s cultural and commercial dynamics, once and forever inextricable, remain quintessentially Chinese. So, too, does the communications industry.

When I arrived, China’s marketing seas were, yes, primordial. Media prices were cheap. Total spending was approximately $5 billion. Although agencies have never suffered from excessively burdensome government regulation (advertising has never been considered a “strategic” industry), we could not operate without a local joint venture partner. Executive power struggles were endemic, with the Chinese usually focused on fast cash and Westerners hoping to adopt a more long-term focus. Creative was, of course, exclusively mass media or quick and dirty “below-the-line,” and the vast majority of ads were adapted from overseas, often to off-putting effect. As a result, the mainland was terra incognita for the vast majority of aspirating creative talent and business leaders. Marketing as a discipline barely existed.

It goes without saying that, across several variables, the nation has emerged. Its people are significant consumers of goods produced by multinational enterprises domestic companies alike. Deng Xiaoping imperial proclamation that “To get rich is glorious!” was made only in 1992, three years after the Tiananmen Square “incident” as a sign that the People’s Republic was open for business. Since then, China’s middle class, negligible until after the turn of the 21st century, has achieved scaled mass, and now counts approximately 250 million individuals. In category after category, from cars and mobile phones to luxury goods and travel, mainlanders are the world’s most avid consumers. Their impact on everything from product design to global marketing strategy is a fact of life and will continue to grow.

On the Client Side: Competent Marketers

As a result, market entrants finally do homework before landing here. Corporate (and agency) marketing structures have been internationalized. Fewer foreign companies make egregious errors. Most realize global brands must be brought into alignment with a Chinese — a Confucian — worldview. Back in 2000, eBay crashed and burned because it assumed the “thrill of the auction,” a distinctly American individualistic position, would drive consumers to e-commerce sites. In the process, they neglected the importance of dramatizing product range and on-line security reassurance. In 2006, Best Buy entered the PRC and quickly failed. Its model of high-end in-store service and premium prices was flat wrong for China, perhaps the most price sensitive market in the world, particularly for goods consumed in home. Today, retailers such as Uniqlo, Zara and H&M are all making profits. Quintessentially “Western” brands such as Starbucks, Haagen Dazs and Nike have succeeded by bringing their products into alignment with Chinese cultural imperatives.

There are fewer big misfires to report.

The country’s marketing landscape has experienced sweeping transformation. China’s digital big bang has been jaw dropping. The country now boasts 600 million internet users and 300 million subscribers to WeChat, an innovative group text and video service. E-commerce has upended the power balance between retailers and consumers, particularly in lower-tier cities where bricks and mortar alternatives are less prevalent.

On the Agency Side: International Practices

The communications industry has also been evolved dramatically.

• Local partners are no longer de rigeur, although the Communist government still imposes random restrictions within selective categories (for example, luxury billboards due to political sensitivities).

• Any agency without a digital creative capability — at JWT, we call it our digital “heartbeat” — struggles for relevance. I sometimes joke that we are no longer advertising people. Instead, we engineer media-neutral, idea-centric participation platforms…

• Local companies now constitute major revenue sources for successful global agencies. Shops such as Wieden & Kennedy who neglect the growing importance of domestic clients remain also-rans or niche operations.

• Diversified revenue streams have multiplied. JWT’s field marketing operation, Always, contributes more to both revenue and profit than any of its creative agencies. The ability to “manage scale” is a uniquely Chinese competitive advantage.

• China has begun to sparkle at creative award show with a few agencies bringing home gold. In 2011, JWT Shanghai won the mainland’s first Grand Prix at Cannes for Samsonite.

• Despite the flight of young television viewers to cyber space, media costs have exploded, in both absolute and cost per thousand terms. This is due to both excessive demand and the monopolistic nature of media sales. As a result, the biggest challenge new marketers face is generating enough awareness to get out of the starting gate. For small and medium-sized consumer goods companies — entities without pockets deep enough to afford massive media investment — it may be too late to enter China.

A Long Road to Rome

On the other hand, the Chinese communications industry has, in many ways, resisted change and, across several dimensions remains operationally challenging.

Talent crisis.
 The fact that foreigners — including expatriate Chinese from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore — are still reasonably represented at the higher levels of the industry is a disappointment. Of course, there will always be a need for individuals with an international outlook for clients with operations outside of the mainland. But advertising, as an industry, has had difficulty in developing senior local talent. It’s neither a question of salary nor a lack of intent on the part of agencies. The biggest challenge is that advertising is not fundamentally respected as a career path for many locals. An adman’s key strength is the ability to articulate the abstract and lead clients to embrace what can’t be proven. The approach is largely conceptual and this doesn’t appeal to many Chinese who tend to take refuge in the concrete. There are too many talented 35-year-olds who abandon the industry for a more “respectable” career. The ones who stick with it, the ones who have the capacity to inspire, are worth their weight in gold.

Vicious price competition. There have always been, and still are, too many agencies – more than 100,000 of all shapes and sizes. This surfeit leads to cutthroat competition, low fees and plummeting profits. Client relationships with advertising “agents” are a promiscuous series of affairs in which short-term contracts are awarded to the cheapest bidder. In fifteen years, I haven’t seen a single local advertising agency become a viable competitor to multinational shops — even though most multinationals are hobbled by underinvestment and a talent shortage. Local agencies have not evolved to address the long-term brand building needs of large corporations, multinational or domestic. Their limitations are common to many industries in China, both manufacturing and services. There has been a chronic underinvestment in mid- and senior-level managers capable of abstract conceptualization, leaders who have the courage to challenge clients. For every million dollars in revenue, there are usually forty to fifty employees, compared with fifteen in international shops, which means competitive strength is a question of quick turn-around and low-price. Relationships with clients are reactive, not strategic, and most profit is derived from media kickbacks.

Misleading size. The “real” China advertising market, now the second largest in the world after the United States, still isn’t as large as reports suggest. Official figures highlight an ad spend well above $140 billion, but the figure is grossly inflated because all advertisers enjoy hefty discounts, anywhere from twenty-five percent to seventy percent off book rates. Furthermore, the accessible client base — local and multinational companies that will pay a premium to achieve deep brand equity — accounts for no more than thirty percent of industry revenue. Although this market accounts for an increasingly large slice of the pie (and is served exclusively by multinational agencies), the potential of China is still relatively low by Western standards, and will remain so for years to come.

Shallow Chinese brands. Any market’s potential ultimately hinges on the strength of its local brands, but the majority of state-owned enterprises are not structured to build equity. Mainland consumers actively prefer few Chinese labels. Most are are regarded as, at best, “reliable” commodities. This is because: senior management is not market-driven and politically tethered corporate governance does not reward long-term shareholder growth; hierarchy impedes the flow of ideas between market-savvy young guns and CEOs, most of them imperial, self-protective Communist Party apparatchiks; marketing is subordinate to sales — the latter controls budgets, while the former churns out promotional ads; and a lack of understanding of how to measure the success and depth of brands. The result? Local clients are still relatively unprofitable and difficult to manage, despite their importance to our revenue base.

Conservative creative. Our work has become more professional and, on occasion, award-worthy. The major players, both on agency and client sides, grasp the fundamentals of consumer motivations here. But we test ourselves into mediocrity, particularly for “mass” advertising that requires significant, and therefore risky, investment. There is much more adventurism in the digital realm but, unfortunately, most companies are still not structured to harness the power of technological revolution.

Sheer scale and dynamism makes China thrilling. But this is still a market for brave hearts.

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