Apple iPhone 5C and 5S release, consumers how to choose?

Sept 11 early morning Apple companies new meeting, the writer’s group of friends did not actually view it live, Zhenguo powdered too little. Writer to demonstrate some of the easy to ignore things.

IPhone5C and 5S and 5 What is the distinction?
New iPhone 5S overall look and iPhone5 likeness 99% , but the Home key more than a steel band , same measurements , CPU performance, improved by 30 %, an increase finger marks features , others are small up-dates to offer 5,288 yuan , so that it can not iPhone5 like in past decades, outdated as second-line price level 4000 yuan early 1000 , so Apple company will substitute iPhone5 steel spend plastic content ( thermoplastic ) , contributes some width ( from 7.6 mm becomes 8.97 mm ) and is a few (112g become 132g), packed into new iPhone 5C for selling , promoting 4,488 yuan .

IPhone5C behind the lifestyle of very great earnings!
IPhone5C iPhone5 components settings look like affordable prices million puzzled huge customers. That is an appropriate choice. In fact, you can see here there is a huge benefit.

Plastic content back spends iPhone5C low content price. Process good rate, will be more cost-effective.

2 For Apple company challenging that the items of the company, are respected measurements, in order to become less heavy, slimmer, with all expenses, to make the consumer experience. But for the great challenging quality at all expenses mean higher expenses. Evaluating from the size , thickening, bulkier , significance iPhone5 internal space comparative to the bigger and more numerous , you can use a comparative 5 less expensive parts, though they are A6 processor, but you can use other inner elements with qualities similar iPhone5 but less expensive digital elements , these customers are imperceptible. From a macro perspective, providing customers the feeling, iPhone5C and iPhone5 same settings, except for a plastic content spend, but actually wider, bulkier this iPhone5C not last iPhone5.

Three past decades, Apple’s technique has always been great new advancement, new racks to offer 5,000 yuan last year, new items to offer 4000 yuan, 3000 yuan the past seasons new items to offer. Observe, however, only price changes, product and great quality have not modified. But these days, the price reduces from 1000, but the development price reports 5C at least another million reduced. High earnings from this.

IPhone 5C cell phone in the U.S. industry was $ 549 simple steel (compare to roughly RMB 3,360 ), China’s industry is 4488 yuan.


The determine is an international press who created ​​The iPhone price record maps, from this graph we can see clearly that, although the cut-off time frame, Apple organization has launched eight iPhone, but they are still very budget variety to filter. For customers anticipate an inexpensive edition of the iPhone, this really is not a little strike.

Why is iPhone5 of the display?
If iPhone5 are available, and iPhone5S has almost the same overall look, a little less performance, there is no other big distinction, but one to offer 5000 yuan, an offer 4,000 yuan, which would you buy? Most individuals certainly buy 4000 yuan computer file iPhone5, which is no question. So iPhone5 will certainly be cut.

Like so much iPhone5 and 5C, but rather that iPhone5 and 5S, as examined above, iPhone5C are vibrant and wonderful little clean inexpensive edition, iPhone5 and 5S is Apple’s high-end environment on the stage of greatest.

To sum up the factors, iPhone5 must be cut off. Because he is a heavy price, low earnings hurdle.

Well now, iPhone5S nothing impressive, most of last seasons technological innovation, but also to offer over 5000 earnings great.

If customers buy iPhone5C, items within and outside are the low price and great benefit. Which Apple organization iPhone5 offer more money than promoting.

The inadequate are those of our old customer iPhone5, iPhone5, Apple’s short-lived mobile cellphone ever, has been confirmed as the best since the record of celery with a mobile cellphone, Apple organization’s best-selling cellphone ever.

IPhone5S Is it value purchasing?
It seems no Bob Tasks era, Apple’s impressive more slowly and more slowly, little and little. Deficiency of extreme advancement value eager for. Tasks remaining the organization two years Apple Organization iPhone5 exclusive advancement is the overall look and the 7th -generation os iOS7.

Next season we can buy authentic Apple organization cellphone is iPhone4 (2588)4S (323288) (4488 dollars) and 5S (5288 dollars) .
IPhone5C slot range price is 4,688 Hong Kong money, compare to 3,700 yuan, plus the retailer’s earnings, approximated less than 4,000 you can get, and now the Hong Kong Financial institution iPhone5 price is beginning 4000.

If buy iPhone5, not a stock that is used, or is remodeled.

IPhone5S, individuals have great want him, anticipate significant changes, such as Apple’s dimension, stand by time, new things, now at all.

IPhone 5S and iPhone5 same stand by time, 250 time, 3G to discuss 10 time, in this regard than the 4S power 20%, iPhone4S stand by time is 200 time, 3G discuss eight time.