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Apple iPhone 5C and 5S release, consumers how to choose?

Sept 11 early morning Apple companies new meeting, the writer’s group of friends did not actually view it live, Zhenguo powdered too little. Writer to demonstrate some of the easy to ignore things.

IPhone5C and 5S and 5 What is the distinction?
New iPhone 5S overall look and iPhone5 likeness 99% , but the Home key more than a steel band , same measurements , CPU performance, improved by 30 %, an increase finger marks features , others are small up-dates to offer 5,288 yuan , so that it can not iPhone5 like in past decades, outdated as second-line price level 4000 yuan early 1000 , so Apple company will substitute iPhone5 steel spend plastic content ( thermoplastic ) , contributes some width ( from 7.6 mm becomes 8.97 mm ) and is a few (112g become 132g), packed into new iPhone 5C for selling , promoting 4,488 yuan .

IPhone5C behind the lifestyle of very great earnings!
IPhone5C iPhone5 components settings look like affordable prices million puzzled huge customers. That is an appropriate choice. In fact, you can see here there is a huge benefit.

Plastic content back spends iPhone5C low content price. Process good rate, will be more cost-effective.

2 For Apple company challenging that the items of the company, are respected measurements, in order to become less heavy, slimmer, with all expenses, to make the consumer experience. But for the great challenging quality at all expenses mean higher expenses. Evaluating from the size , thickening, bulkier , significance iPhone5 internal space comparative to the bigger and more numerous , you can use a comparative 5 less expensive parts, though they are A6 processor, but you can use other inner elements with qualities similar iPhone5 but less expensive digital elements , these customers are imperceptible. From a macro perspective, providing customers the feeling, iPhone5C and iPhone5 same settings, except for a plastic content spend, but actually wider, bulkier this iPhone5C not last iPhone5.

Three past decades, Apple’s technique has always been great new advancement, new racks to offer 5,000 yuan last year, new items to offer 4000 yuan, 3000 yuan the past seasons new items to offer. Observe, however, only price changes, product and great quality have not modified. But these days, the price reduces from 1000, but the development price reports 5C at least another million reduced. High earnings from this.

IPhone 5C cell phone in the U.S. industry was $ 549 simple steel (compare to roughly RMB 3,360 ), China’s industry is 4488 yuan.


The determine is an international press who created ​​The iPhone price record maps, from this graph we can see clearly that, although the cut-off time frame, Apple organization has launched eight iPhone, but they are still very budget variety to filter. For customers anticipate an inexpensive edition of the iPhone, this really is not a little strike.

Why is iPhone5 of the display?
If iPhone5 are available, and iPhone5S has almost the same overall look, a little less performance, there is no other big distinction, but one to offer 5000 yuan, an offer 4,000 yuan, which would you buy? Most individuals certainly buy 4000 yuan computer file iPhone5, which is no question. So iPhone5 will certainly be cut.

Like so much iPhone5 and 5C, but rather that iPhone5 and 5S, as examined above, iPhone5C are vibrant and wonderful little clean inexpensive edition, iPhone5 and 5S is Apple’s high-end environment on the stage of greatest.

To sum up the factors, iPhone5 must be cut off. Because he is a heavy price, low earnings hurdle.

Well now, iPhone5S nothing impressive, most of last seasons technological innovation, but also to offer over 5000 earnings great.

If customers buy iPhone5C, items within and outside are the low price and great benefit. Which Apple organization iPhone5 offer more money than promoting.

The inadequate are those of our old customer iPhone5, iPhone5, Apple’s short-lived mobile cellphone ever, has been confirmed as the best since the record of celery with a mobile cellphone, Apple organization’s best-selling cellphone ever.

IPhone5S Is it value purchasing?
It seems no Bob Tasks era, Apple’s impressive more slowly and more slowly, little and little. Deficiency of extreme advancement value eager for. Tasks remaining the organization two years Apple Organization iPhone5 exclusive advancement is the overall look and the 7th -generation os iOS7.

Next season we can buy authentic Apple organization cellphone is iPhone4 (2588)4S (323288) (4488 dollars) and 5S (5288 dollars) .
IPhone5C slot range price is 4,688 Hong Kong money, compare to 3,700 yuan, plus the retailer’s earnings, approximated less than 4,000 you can get, and now the Hong Kong Financial institution iPhone5 price is beginning 4000.

If buy iPhone5, not a stock that is used, or is remodeled.

IPhone5S, individuals have great want him, anticipate significant changes, such as Apple’s dimension, stand by time, new things, now at all.

IPhone 5S and iPhone5 same stand by time, 250 time, 3G to discuss 10 time, in this regard than the 4S power 20%, iPhone4S stand by time is 200 time, 3G discuss eight time.

8 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneur

Many of today’s most successful companies were started by young entrepreneurs who had a vision, developed that vision and successfully established corporations that are listed in the top 10 earning companies today. Many people have heard of Facebook, Google and Amazon, for instance. Their beginnings were founded by companies with motivation, drive and desire to be the best, perseverance and “true grit.” To be a successful entrepreneur you must be the “jack of all trades.” Begin at the bottom and dream that you will reach the top. Some of today’s leading entrepreneurs have listed their top components for building a success business. 1. Be flexible and creative. Work in an environment that is constantly changing and moving. Have the ability to change when change is needed and be innovative. 2. Your startup company will be successful if you have the right motivation. There will be times when you just want to give up, take a vacation, and come back to the process at a later date. If you want to be successful, however you cannot do this. The more persistent and motivated you are, the greater your chance of success. 3. You may partner up with others who have specialties and the goal is to mix these specialties into one whole. Everyone must be willing to do every task imaginable from menial to difficult to keep the company moving to the end goal. 4. As a budding entrepreneur you must never stop learning. Failure is a learning mechanism on the way to success. Use case studies, talk to mentors and coaches, discuss your business ideas with professionals and continue to evolve. Broaden your knowledge base. Make things happen and never ever let anyone tell you it can’t be done. 5. Entrepreneurs versus corporations are the changes that happen almost on a daily basis. Do everything you can to make your startup business go. Be willing to go the second mile to get projects finished and goals accomplished. 6. Being an entrepreneur takes a special personality. You must be driven, enthusiastic and almost manic in your desire to succeed. Be an independent thinker and keep your enthusiasm for your business on the top level. Brainstorm, run ideas around the room, keep thinking and believing. 7. You will need to have patience. Building a company takes a great deal of time. You may move fast yet your customers and partners don’t seem to move as quickly as you want them to. Push as hard as you can, but you do need to have patience and let others catch up. 8. Generally you have a very small cache of funds, information and resources. This may require you to push forward and make decisions quickly and independently. Learn from your mistakes and adapt to changes. Find information on a daily basis to improve your company and discover the ability to just get things done. Commitment to your company and your dreams equals perseverance. Work hard, have patience and endure to the end. Startup companies are often difficult and stressful. If you do not have the drive and perseverance, you may not be successful.

Persona: Demographic Analytics For Your Chinese Website Visitors

I love great tools. Andrew Wong of recently contaced me and showed me a new tool that I think has a lot of potential.

Persona allows you to track demographic data for your website visitors. It does so by integrating with Sina Weibo. Anybody that is logged in to Sina Weibo when they visit your website can be tracked. Persona then gives you both agregate data and data on the specific users that visited your site.

In the screenshot below, you can see it includes an overview, as well as detailed data on users such as their IP, location, page viewed and Weibo username.

Persona dashboard screenshot

Other pages show further demographic info such as gender and demographics, as well as data on what they did on the website, such as their page visit history.

So, how might marketers use Persona?

Here are some ideas.

1) Understand Your Market Better, Adapt Marketing
With better demographic info, you should be able to better understand your market and adapt your website and marketing efforts accordingly.

As a simple example, you might have your homepage copy tailored towards female buyers but then learn from Persona that male visitors make up 60% of your web traffic.

With that in mind, I’d need to test it out for a given project before being sold on the idea. The reason being that I’m not confident that the demographic data of Weibo users is an accurate representantation of all web users. I’m sure this would vary based on the industry and marketing channels used.

2) Follow Up With Weibo Contacts
Now, this is what I would be most interested in. With Persona, you actually get a full list of Weibo users, and it even links directly to their Weibo pages. Just click through and engage those users!

If there was some way to do this automatically, that could be awesome. Imagine, when a Weibo user shows interest in your produt but leaves your site, they receive a tweet with a special promotion. It’s like re-marketing, but more direct and more personal.

And, Persona says they have something like this in the works already.

Overall, I found that Persona has some great data. But the site and UI are rather beta-ish at the moment, if that’s a word. Of course, it’s the data that is most valuable.

I’d also love to see more pricing data on the site, including a pricing plan suitable for small businesses. At a minimum fee of 500 USD/month, I consider it out of the range of smaller businesses or individuals looking to test the Chinese market.

Have you seen other tools like this?

Or, do you have other cool marketing tools to share with me?

Let me know, because I’d like to share more tools on the blog.

Global brands face content conundrum in China

The presence of firewalls in China appears to be having little impact on the country’s Internet usage, if a new UN Broadband Commission report is any indication. This study projects Chinese Internet users will surpass today’s 565 million English-speaking users by 2015.

That’s good news for global brands chasing opportunity in the Chinese market. But it also poses a logistical challenge for e-marketing. 

The fact is global marketers face a conundrum in China: As the country’s exponentially expanding middle class teems with interest in foreign brands, they’ve shown a strong preference for online engagement. In fact, this recent Ipso China study found brand websites influenced the purchasing intent of nearly half of Chinese consumers.

But getting those digital marketing messages into the country can be quite an undertaking.

While more than half a billion people use the Internet in China, dragging Internet speeds and spotty interconnectivity tax the end-user experience. One study found it takes the average luxury brand’s website more than 16 seconds to load.

Many global brands try to bypass the latency issues at international gateways by hosting content within China – only to find the process for securing a local-hosting license onerous.

No doubt, online shopping in China is vibrant and thriving. On this month’s Single’s Day, China’s answer to the U.S. Black Friday, e-commerce sites raked in $4.6 billion alone. And for global brands wanting to get into this action, virtual hosting offers a web-performance solution.

Under a virtual hosting arrangement, content can be cached and distributed as needed through a wide in-country content delivery network. We recently launched a virtual hosting service, for example, that allows global brands to reach the coveted Chinese consumer by caching their content locally, while ultimately hosting their content in our nearby Hong Kong or Singapore data centers.

For global brands seeking a place to grow their consumer base, there is perhaps nowhere on Earth more lucrative than China. But getting the message within its borders can be a challenge.

While dozens of factors – from browser type to network connection – can influence web performance, marketers need to know they have options for bringing locally hosted content to the consumer. Talk to your hosting company or service provider about their options for getting your websites into China.

Servers Inside or Outside China?

Some people opt to go with a Chinese hosting plan. The obvious advantages are that your website is much less likely to be blocked (although there is no guarantee), and the site should load much faster for anyone in China.

Hosting your website in China has some big problems, however. First, you need to be aware that your website content is subject to censorship. Hosting in China means your freedom of speech is limited. Failure to respect this could result in loss of hosting or worse. Second, hosting in China will likely involve more paperwork than you’d like, and it may very well all be in Chinese. Third, your site may be very slow for visitors outside of China.

A possible compromise between hosting in mainland China and hosting overseas is hosting in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s website hosting packages are typically much more expensive than deals to be had elsewhere, however.

Let your content and audience dictate where you find your hosting. If your primary readership will be overseas, go with an overseas host. I would really only recommend a Chinese host for a completely uncontroversial Chinese language website.

The other option is finding website hosting outside of China. Hosting plans of companies based in the U.S. are typically the cheapest you’ll find anywhere, and they come loaded with features — typically way more than the average small-time webmaster needs. Furthermore, the servers can be very fast, even in China. The rest of this article will deal with American hosting companies.