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china data center test ip

our china data center test ip:

HeNan Test ip:
HeBei Test ip:
ZhengZhou Test ip:
BeiJing Test ip:
JiangXi Test ip:
JiangSu Test ip:
GuangDong Test ip:
ShangHai Test ip:
JiangXi Test ip:
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Top 10 vps in china

According to CNNIC releaseed tomorrow,Chinese top 10 vps provider 2013:


We are proud to be 1st rank from CNNIC. Our main business includes:Domain name, Dedicated server, web hosting, vps, cloud computering and so on. our domestic market has been widely praised. So Corporation decided to open overseas operations, for the majority of overseas customers with more excellent service and determination.


China Wan is a Chinese veteran of the domain name and web hosting services provider in the launch of new products and technology aspects of action is also faster. Million net also has a very comprehensive set of network and application technology services domestic domain , its ” buy network ” is also information providers and information dissemination domestic markets occupy a certain position. In actual use, the overall speed in general, but a good stability of the host , such as a problem solving customer service attitude is very good, the biggest drawback is the price relatively expensive , but components and some other services require an additional fee .And they also extended overseas business.

Western Data Center

Western Telecom data center is one of the four major data centers belonging to telecom operators, network resources are abundant , the host’s stability and speed have reliable protection for large enterprise users.but no they do not start overseas.

Shanghai ChinaNetCenter

Editorial: Shanghai ChinaNetCenter provides host hosting leased line access services such as IDC , has a self-built computer room and a lot of bandwidth , covering the whole country, Shanghai is the core of the IDC operators .

Century Internet

Editorial: Century Internet is the early start of large-scale network infrastructure service provider IDC , China’s first generation of Internet technology business, and now has grown to become the major cities in the country with branches and has a lot of room and bandwidth resources IDC supplier.

263 Data Center

Comment: 263 have their own data centers , located in Beijing, Guangzhou , and Shanghai , and the ICP, ISP, IDC strung together to form a service provider IDC , IDC user ( traditional enterprises ,. Com companies, etc. ) and end customers interactive , network rich in resources, the appropriate network services are more abundant.

Western Digital

Review : Western Digital is the leading virtual machine operators, telecom in Mianyang , Chengdu China Netcom , Chengdu Railway , Zheng Zhou multi-line , multi-line Beijing , Shanghai and other cities core multi-line IDC room has a separate cabinet , while providing U.S. Hong Kong server rental server and network resources are rich Sichuan region ‘s leading IDC operators .


Editorial: Xinwanghulian Qualification quite complete, is the China Internet Network Information Center authorized by China ‘s top domain registrar, is by ” Ministry of Information Industry ,” approved by an independent qualified domain name registry services , holding by the Beijing Communications Management Board approved the authorization of Internet operators certificate and so on. Push his company to have some new capabilities , pioneered managed website can use the phone service and other new services.

Beijing Internet

Editorial: Beijing Internet advantage is we have branches in the main area , such as Tianjin , Beijing , Shanghai , Suzhou, Chengdu , Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen , With this advantage for the fifth customers can provide direct network service .


Comment: the resources in Beijing , Shanghai , Suzhou, Hangzhou , Fuzhou, Guangzhou , with branch offices , as a large IDC operators , hosts more stable, speed is good , the price is more expensive, suitable for medium-sized enterprises.

Individual owners how to select the server

Chinese suppliers IDC Group July 2 report: dropping costs due to a server , everyone on the server has been an way up pattern in requirement , many individual entrepreneurs also signed up with the positions of buying a server , but the face of the brand available on the industry stunning server space overseas hire , how do we buy it, here we examined from the following factors . Practicality
Many people buy a server settings biggest misconception is that the greater the better, actually, this is not entirely correct, should I say, the settings is enough for their own programs, or more is a waste of resources. If you just use the regular website, it requires relatively not too great, here I suggest you use a powerful fresh air ” mineral magnesium ” Wikipedia130 server, cost-effective, the comparative of a common PC costs, entrepreneurs are also usually approved.


Security is also a critical facet cannot be ignored, if you are using in the restaurant above the preferred settings is relatively greater, so as to ensure the regular netizens games and other enjoyment activities. SMEs are also the same, moreover to great settings, data protection is the regular function of businesses is fundamental to proper settings needed , it is essential, powerful fresh air server “on-demand settings ” to are eligible of many SMEs , for the business designed to create the most secure most appropriate program .


Configure the server for upcoming development should create a plan more than doubled, after all, when a business to grow , when the unique program certainly can not fulfill upcoming specifications, we can not say how many years will have to estimate what kind of program , changes in the marketplace too fast , this is impractical, but we must be recent or upcoming time period needed to do the necessary plans. So as to create a perfect program.

Value for money

For the development of the method and small businesses, while guaranteeing the quality of the device under the assumption of price advantages, it is essential. So choose cost-effective devices can save companies a lot of needless expense , in this I still suggest everyone to look powerful fresh air server , where the heavy price of the device , all devices are to go through the extensive examining to the hands of the user , moreover to all the major places have established division workplaces ( workplaces ) , support, 7 * 24 hours support is also more convenient.

************************************************** *****************************

Conclusion : The server ‘s settings is not our creativity so difficult , you just tell the supplier own reasons , they usually will give you suggest a settings may not be suitable for us, but can be used to referrals , ask a few more manufacturers, combined consideration and then choose , will be able to do on-demand settings . There is a problem , buy web servers do not hold non- well known manufacturers do not buy the mind-set , actually, the whole household manufacturers overseas is not so bad in our creativity , we can be confident to use , because the same things are used .

Tips for Server maintenance

Any company’s main electronic digital assets are stored in modern relational data products. Commercial and government organizations use these database servers are obtained personnel information, such as employee payroll, medical records, and so on. So they have a responsibility to protect the privacy of others, and for them to be kept confidential. The database server also exists previous and future sensitive financial data, including trading records, commercial contracts and billing data. As technology ownership , engineering data , and even market planning and other decision-making confidential information, you must keep secret for competition and prevents unauthorized access to the database server also includes detailed customer information, such as financial accounts , credit card numbers and business partners credit information.
On your computer whether or not there is critical data, and do not want them to fall into the wrong hands it? Of course, they are entirely possible. Moreover, in recent years, the risk of suffering from the server is greater than ever. More and more viruses, hackers with evil intentions, and those who will serve as espionage their goals. Obviously, the server’s security issues cannot be ignored.

Not only in the finished article will describe all aspects of computer security issues. After all, on this topic has been discussed in numerous books in. I am following have to do is tell you seven tips to maintain your server security.

Skills I : Protect your backup server rental

To understand why, imagine, most backup jobs are at about 10:00 or 11:00 time began. The entire backup process is usually at midnight, when the end, depending on how much data you want to back up. Now, imagine, the time has come to four o’clock, your backup has been completed. However, nothing can stop some people steal your data on a tape recorded them in their own home or your office competitors on one server to restore them.
Every good network administrator knows that every day backup network server and tape recorder away from the scene to protect against accidental disasters. But the problem is far more than just a safe backup so simple. Most people do not realize that your backup is actually a huge security hole.
However, you can prevent this from happening. First, you can password protect your backup tapes and if you program supports encryption, you can encrypt the data. Second, you can complete the backup process work scheduled in your morning commute time. In this case, even if someone wants to sneak in at midnight the day before, then stole the tape, they will because the tape is being used and cannot succeed. If the thief or pop the tape away, then the data on the tape also worthless.

Skills II : Use callback function to the RAS server rental

Windows NT is one of the coolest features on the remote access server (RAS) support. Unfortunately, a RAS server on an attempt to hack into your system is an open door. Hackers everything you need is just a phone number, and sometimes needs a little patience, then you can enter a host via RAS up. But you can take some of the ways to ensure the safety of the RAS server.

You want to use the technology will largely depend on how you use your remote RAS. If a remote user is often not on changes in home or similar place of calling host, I suggest you use a callback function, which allows remote users to log off after connection. RAS server then dial a pre-defined user’s phone number on again. Because this number is preset, the hackers have no chance to set the server callback number.

Tips three : to basic Server Hosting

For this reason, you need to basics. All you need on the server that contains sensitive data are converted to NTFS disk partition format. Likewise, you also need all the anti-virus software up to date. I suggest you both the server and desktop anti-virus software running on the terminal. The software should also be configured to automatically download the latest virus every database files. You should know that you can install for Exchange Server anti- virus software. This software scans all incoming e-mail, looking for infected attachments, when it finds a virus, it will automatically be infected messages that reached users in the past isolated.
I know this sounds like nonsense, but when we talk about the security of the network server, I can give you the best advice is not to do a layman. When hackers started to attack your network, they will first check whether there is a general security vulnerabilities, even before considering the high degree of difficulty a little break security systems mean. Thus, for example, data on the server when you are present in a FAT disk partition, even though the installation of all the world’s security software nor will you have much help.
Finally, remember that the user access to the entire network of anything at all requires a password. Have to force everyone to use high-strength uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in passwords? the Windows NT Server Resource bag has a good tool for this task. You should always set aside some of the expired passwords and update also requires the user’s password is not less than eight characters. If you’ve done all this work but still worried about password security, you can try some hacking tools downloaded from the Internet and then himself in the end to find out how secure these passwords.
Another good way to protect your network users to stay in the company is based on the time -limited their access to the network. A usually temporary employees to work during the day should not be allowed three o’clock in the morning when the temporary access to the network, unless the employee’s supervisor tells you it is required for a particular project.

I want a site where I start?

For those who are not connected with the Internet but have a small business or performs a specific task and want to penetrate and online question of title may be pertinent . Websites are gateways to a better targeted information . More specifically websites present information and products for those interested in it , the latter reaching these online sources as a result of searches performed with a specific search engine, usually Google.

So when you decide to develop a website should know and keep in mind the following:
domain name

It is preferable that contain the keyword domain name for which you want the best possible positioning in search engine results caurare Google. For example you real estate agency ” YoGhi ” which provides real estatebrokerage services in Bucharest neighborhood Camp Road . Perhaps you think that the domain name should be the name of the agency. We say it is wrong , you need to find a domain name that has your keyword activity after determining that potential customers can find you. In our case suitable for affection and keyword domain name is the ” real way camp ” and thus ;
Hosting Provider

Web hosting is the service that allows websites to be visible in the browser ( Mozilla , IE ) . It is important to know when choosing a hosting provider , it must be in the country where you want to search for the target audience . Here you should know that it is preferable to obtain a unique IP for your site ;

Niche market that you want to perform and attract visitors accordingly. In this phase must be brief because a site that wants to position in search engine results as well as many keywords will surely be extremely difficult ;

Information that you want in the site – Here you must have an overall idea of how you want to defend sections , text, images and links . If you have no idea of these things you should talk with a experienced programmer to outline your ideas ;
The budget realization site (creare site)

Generally, those who develop websites that make a price after brief in summarizing the client’s requirements . Depending on how complex the brief – one that will make the site will take into account the time taken but also the technologies used. There are some companies that use free templates and scripts to maintain a low price for their services. We advise you to choose wisely the company or freelancer that will achieve the desired site ;

Mainly these things should keep in mind when you decide to develop a website.

Website Hosting Features Provided By VPS Servers

When you’re not certain if your website is in need of its own VPS server, trying to figure it out for yourself can be difficult. VPS hosting can be confusing to those who don’t understand computers all that well. Before you arrange for a Virtual Private Server of your own, you may want to learn a little bit about what this type of system can do for you.

When you pay for access to a VPS, you aren’t paying for your own private machine to operate your website for you. The virtual part of the Virtual Private Server comes from the fact that your server is only a part of a larger machine. Imagine a powerful computer with multiple hard drives built inside of it. Each hard drive is its own independent area, not connected to the others for security purposes. However, all the hard drives in this machine will share the same computing resources, such as RAM, CPU speed, etc.

The important thing to understand about the VPS server is that, although it is a part of a larger machine, it is capable of being independently operated. Users who have access to the VPS can make changes to their website, store information on the hard drive, and even reboot their part of the system without having any effect on the other virtual servers that computing resources are being shared with.

Why Is It Helpful?

Your company needs a dedicated space for VPS hosting to take place. Your website needs the speed and reliability that your customers are demanding. Sadly, setting up your own server, and hiring the IT personnel to run it for you, are expensive undertakings. When you turn to a VPS, your company can receive the increased speed that your website requires, without the added expense of operating it yourself.

Your company will find that the virtual environment provided by your VPS is secure and reliable. Since your section of the shared machine is completely cut off from all of the others present, your security will be absolute. The system is flexible, permitting you to install the software that you desire for operation. You can even scale your section of the VPS to perform multiple functions within itself.

What It Can Do

The VPS hosting setup can be configured in whatever way your company wishes it to be. There are no limitations to operating platforms or programs that you install on it. Since the chances of your website requiring the resources of the parent computer at the exact moment of another website on that same system are extremely slim, your website will operate at peak efficiency whenever it is being used.

How you go about the installation and operation of your VPS server is entirely up to you. If you wish to handle the installation, occasional required updates, and all of the varied functions of your website by yourself, you can arrange for this complete control. If you would rather install the program and allow someone at the physical server location to handle the technical aspects from there, this option is also viable. However you feel comfortable running your VPS is how your VPS will be operated.

If you find yourself ready to step up to the reliability and speed of a private server, but can’t handle the costs associated with running your own, the VPS server is the best middle ground. VPS hosting is the operating point where the larger websites feel comfortable running without the price of hiring employees to handle your physical server operations for you.

How to Host Your Own Website

The Internet and its myriad of uses has taken over the mankind like a storm. I mean from shopping to connecting with people thousands of miles away to doing an online course, the Internet has conquered almost all the aspects of our life. Oh yes, it cannot give us daily workouts! Except for the workout to the fingers! Nevertheless, In this scenario every minute there is a website coming up. For these websites to be accessible to people via the World Wide Web, there are services. These services are like apartment or property owners who give a part of their house on lease or rent. These web hosting companies provide people who create websites a space on the server they lease for use by clients or they own themselves. But apart from that, you can host your website yourself too, as if you take the help of these web hosting services, it could be slightly heavier on your pocket.

How to Host Your own Website From Home

Well, hosting your own website might seem to be a bit tough initially. But actually it is not too tough either. Just that you need to be careful and should be willing to sacrifice your computer as once you decide to host a website, you will not be able to do anything on your computer, not even Internet access. Here is more.

Step 1 – All Clear
After you have taken a decision to host your own website, before starting off, check out your computer and make sure that you do not have anything important or useful remaining on your computer. This is because the computer’s data will have to be completely erased. Even if you take help of a web hosting service this factor might crop up.

Step 2 – Take your Pick
It is advisable not to use laptops for this purpose as they are supposed to be used for extended period of time. Moreover, in case you have a couple of desktops or so, you will have to choose either one and once you do that you will have to leave it running all the time. What kind of desktop you have and what processor it has won’t matter until it is a reasonably good machine.

Step 3 – Serve it Well
Be it hosting your own website on your local machine or for free, there is no escape from this procedure. What you have to do is install a web server application. Apache is apparently the best bet amongst the numerous options available. There will be things which will be asked while the web server application is set up. One of the most important of them is domain name and IP address of your DNS server. Leave the column as it is if you are not going to use a domain name.

Step 4 – Copy it
After the web server application is installed, what you will be required to do is to copy the contents of your website with images in the website files folder specified during server application installation. Now this will make the contents of this folder accessible to anyone on the Internet. This applies to both – hosting your own website on a mac, as well as hosting your website for free.

Step 5 – Routing the Server
Here at this stage, you are almost coming to an end of the process of hosting your own website. Here you will configure the forwarding of port 80. That is, from your router to the desktop where you have installed the software for web hosting. In case you are not using a router, forget about this. You can give user’s IP address in case you are not going to use a domain name. You may also like to read on how to register a domain name.

Finally, that number (IP address) will go in the browser, akin to a URL, leading your website to be brought up. Congratulations! You have accomplished the task of hosting your own website! Remember not to store personal files and the like in such a system and try using a proxy server to check the website, whether it is working. All the best!

Are Hosting Review websites Always substantial!

There’re lots of review sites which are accommodating believable analysis on countless web-based devices, advantage and web hosting service providers. If you’re planning to build your site then it is exceedingly acclaim that you take the web hosting reviews at miscellaneous sites. It’s imprecise crucial that you accept a believable hosting analysis website since there’re various hosting reviews that are not trustworthy or have limited advice. It’s simple for an effective to differentiate the accuracy of these web hosting reviews. Since the beginner or newcomers to this sphere has no thought to distinguish among the legitimacy and duplicity of these windows hosting or Linux hosting. There’re many web hosting reviewsthat are not professionally scripted. Either they are too deep or not interested in the matter which is about the indication of such hosting reviews a intimidate evaluation in itself. Commonly masses extent-up material limited or few details and enable of it. Few of the websites review renovate capacity on daily support and then there’re others that barely maintain their details. It’s very vital to discover a valuable site that has adapted by an experienced attempt. They renew their hosting reviews on daily foundation and don’t calumniate their professional appearance by pickings their occupancy passionately.

It’s not hard to access an explanation for hosting but conclusion an acceptable assistance hosting reviews supplier is an actual intimidating assignment. As a savant or an amateur user you will have to attempt tough to access the vital ability of assistance and authority. This cognition and suggest will help you to analyze and assess acceptable best windows hostingcompany or best Linux hosting provider. This may effectual to be a complicated and crucial action but it can be arranged reliable by recital hosting reviews. Your inclination ought to be to discover authentic, immaterial, and deepened upon actual time acquaintance hosting reviews. Hosting reviews website that are not based upon actual time acquaintance have cursory abridged and colloquy advice. They don’t accomplish the need of updating a user with appropriate information. Similar analysis can be very comfortable classified by depart ended them as consistently there’s not satisfying experience assign that’s depend upon actual time consumption.

Reviews that have dept and acceptable content are creating by those users who have intensely analyzed the beneficial. They share the actual acquaintance with the observer. Such hosting reviews are expressed by the professionals. They’re to the mark and a lot of instruction for the people to classify the pros and cons of the services. A skilled and experienced would create hosting reviews in such a way that assistance an exploiter to recognize about the flaw and the measure or affirmation of a hosting provider.

It’s not an effortless responsibility to establish the accuracy of a procession and if the writer based his views upon loyalty. Normally the procession with the continuous genuine and encouraging tone isn’t sincerely written. There’re not based upon the actual user understanding or real time profit based ability. At the compatible time if the reviews are based upon only dissatisfaction ought to also be not assumed. There’s also a capability that the website may have much disgruntled client still their hosting reviews instant an exclusively a changed flick. Such hosting reviews are also not accurate.

The Simple Manual To Cloud Computing Concepts

When you have something important to tell the world, an internet site may very well be the best choice. Whether you are discussing products and services or simply random ideas, the internet is definitely one of the most efficient channels. An email psychic reading the word away, however, you have to first possess reliable Cloud Computing service. This information is packed with details that will make it simpler to understand the different facets that you must think about.

You need to take time to figure out how a lot Cloud Computing genuinely costs and hang up a financial budget for it. This is actually the only way that you could be sure that you will be able to manage to keep your website up and running for the long term.

Make sure that you select a host which has support 24/7. You won’t want to run across an issue or a problem and not be capable of getting a hold of someone quickly. This might harm your company or individual en devours. Once you have picked a number, try giving them a call at an unusual hour to determine is assistance service is accessible.

Before you accept do business with any kind of Cloud Computing, you must do some research on the internet host. Make sure to find out just how much you are going to need to pay to do business with all of them and what precisely you are getting for the money.

You can more often than not save money on your internet hosting if you are paying in advance. Reduced prices for multi-month and annual packagesare typical. However, you won’t want to lock in by having an unreliable Cloud Computing. Try out a brand new host for any month or two before you decide to lock in the long-term commitment, and look for the termination and reimbursement policy in advance.

It is important to completely research the shopping cart software functionality of the Cloud Computing if you are planning to work transactions using your website. You need to make certain that the actual shopping cart facilitates several types of payment such as credit cards, instead of only Pay pal. You should also discover whether it is able to calculating delivery costs as well as taxes. Getting shopping cart software which fulfills your requirements will be necessary to the success of your site.

When around the prowl for any Cloud Computing, try to select one have a tendency to has information and other bulletins. A host have a tendency to has information is one in whose company is developing and in whose services tend to be striving to become improved. This lets you much better estimate exactly where this company is going to be at later on. A host in whose company does not have many bulletins is likely one which isn’t changing. Therefore, you need to steer away from these types of.

Now that you have the deeper knowledge of some of the best methods for Cloud Computing, it will be easier to obtain the job done–whatever the task may be. Regardless if you are looking for ways to interact with customers or even keep in touch with family and friends, reliable as well as efficient Cloud Computing will help you to keep in touch.

If your finding a Cloud Computing provider that meets your requirements regarding safety and flexibility then you can take the services of Cloud People. Here you can get all the hosting services that you are seeking. Make your business wider with Cloud hosting services.

6 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site

Building a website is so easy, you can get some hosting, load up WordPress, start writing content and post it up. It can be the world’s best website on any topic you want. And it won’t mean a thing at all unless you get TRAFFIC.

I have started plenty of sites in the last few years, on a lot of different topics. Getting traffic to them has always been the difficult thing. But there is one thing that will get it ranking, BACKLINKS. The number of BACKLINKS is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (for example, this is used by Google and other directory sites to determine the PageRank of a webpage).

Hey don’t get me wrong, its not the only thing that matters, on-site SEO, Keyword research, it goes without saying that great content / or service should be the corner stone of your website, Niche / Authority or otherwise. Generating great content will drastically help you, it provides a visitor the reason to visit, to interact on your site and they will come back if its good content.

Look it’s all part of it, but BACKLINKS can be the difference between success and failure of your site. Here are 6 of the ways, I go about building BACKLINKS :

1. Social networking

I personally hate social networking, I mean I am old school and enjoy interacting on a personal level. But it is absolutely necessary to build a social profile for your websites. Facebook, and Twitter are the minimum you should be on. But there are over 200 well known social networking sites out there.

2. Bookmarking

Bookmarking sites are a little different from social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, its basically when you decide to keep a Web page to look at later, you’re doing something called “bookmarking”. Bookmarks are simply links to sites that you visit frequently or want to keep handy for reference. You can bookmark them locally on your computer or a In a social bookmarking site. If you want to access your collection from anywhere and share them with others, sites like Delicious.

3. Article Marketing

Are sites where once you write your article you can submit to them, usually with a bio and link back to you site.

4. Web 2.0

This is where things get interesting, you basically go to another site like Tumblr, and create a blog related to your niche website content, then link back to your original site.

5. Wiki sites

A Wiki is basically a Content Management System. To understand a wiki, you must understand the idea of a content management system. As complicated as the name might sound, content management systems, sometimes referred to by their initials (CMS), are really quite a simple concept, you essentially load your site up to them, and it provides a link back to your site.

6. Directory submissions

Submitting to directories is a great way to build links and increase your search engine rankings. In semi-competitive industries it can produce great results. If you add article creation and social media marketing into the link building equation then you can achieve great results for any niche you are targeting.

Now, all of that might sound pretty overwhelming, and it can be trust me. Manual link building is great but if you are lets say you are trying to get ranking on a website, that is pretty competitive, you might need to build 1500 back links, well doing that manually can take forever, but there are programs that you can use, like Ultimate Demon, that can seriously speed up that process.