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Top 10 vps in china

According to CNNIC releaseed tomorrow,Chinese top 10 vps provider 2013:


We are proud to be 1st rank from CNNIC. Our main business includes:Domain name, Dedicated server, web hosting, vps, cloud computering and so on. our domestic market has been widely praised. So Corporation decided to open overseas operations, for the majority of overseas customers with more excellent service and determination.


China Wan is a Chinese veteran of the domain name and web hosting services provider in the launch of new products and technology aspects of action is also faster. Million net also has a very comprehensive set of network and application technology services domestic domain , its ” buy network ” is also information providers and information dissemination domestic markets occupy a certain position. In actual use, the overall speed in general, but a good stability of the host , such as a problem solving customer service attitude is very good, the biggest drawback is the price relatively expensive , but components and some other services require an additional fee .And they also extended overseas business.

Western Data Center

Western Telecom data center is one of the four major data centers belonging to telecom operators, network resources are abundant , the host’s stability and speed have reliable protection for large enterprise users.but no they do not start overseas.

Shanghai ChinaNetCenter

Editorial: Shanghai ChinaNetCenter provides host hosting leased line access services such as IDC , has a self-built computer room and a lot of bandwidth , covering the whole country, Shanghai is the core of the IDC operators .

Century Internet

Editorial: Century Internet is the early start of large-scale network infrastructure service provider IDC , China’s first generation of Internet technology business, and now has grown to become the major cities in the country with branches and has a lot of room and bandwidth resources IDC supplier.

263 Data Center

Comment: 263 have their own data centers , located in Beijing, Guangzhou , and Shanghai , and the ICP, ISP, IDC strung together to form a service provider IDC , IDC user ( traditional enterprises ,. Com companies, etc. ) and end customers interactive , network rich in resources, the appropriate network services are more abundant.

Western Digital

Review : Western Digital is the leading virtual machine operators, telecom in Mianyang , Chengdu China Netcom , Chengdu Railway , Zheng Zhou multi-line , multi-line Beijing , Shanghai and other cities core multi-line IDC room has a separate cabinet , while providing U.S. Hong Kong server rental server and network resources are rich Sichuan region ‘s leading IDC operators .


Editorial: Xinwanghulian Qualification quite complete, is the China Internet Network Information Center authorized by China ‘s top domain registrar, is by ” Ministry of Information Industry ,” approved by an independent qualified domain name registry services , holding by the Beijing Communications Management Board approved the authorization of Internet operators certificate and so on. Push his company to have some new capabilities , pioneered managed website can use the phone service and other new services.

Beijing Internet

Editorial: Beijing Internet advantage is we have branches in the main area , such as Tianjin , Beijing , Shanghai , Suzhou, Chengdu , Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen , With this advantage for the fifth customers can provide direct network service .


Comment: the resources in Beijing , Shanghai , Suzhou, Hangzhou , Fuzhou, Guangzhou , with branch offices , as a large IDC operators , hosts more stable, speed is good , the price is more expensive, suitable for medium-sized enterprises.

What happens if I don’t renew before the expiry date?

In most cases the registry actually places the domain in a holding period for several weeks after the expiry date. It is possible to renew the domain during this period however addition fees may apply. After the holding period is over the domain is released back for public sales. Some registries release the domain immediately after the expiry date. It is best to renew your domains 30 days prior to expiry to account for any delays in the renewal process.

I have money in my account. Why can’t I register successfully?

There are several possible reasons:
1. The domain name syntax is improper.
2. The domain name has already been registered.
3. The connection with central Registry database is temporarily unavailable.
4. The Registry database is busy and can’t handle additional requests.
The central database Registry exchanges information with every day at GMT 6:00-8:00 (US EST 1:00 – 3:00 AM) As a result, the central Registry and the network system are heavily loaded. The registration process is severely impacted during this time. Registration delays, failures, and other interruptions are common. If this happens to you, please wait until this two hour window has passed before trying to resume your registrations.

How do I register a domain?

The hostinginchina Reseller Control Panel provides two ways to register domain names: standard and bulk registration. Standard registration is designed for registering one domain at a time and is a step by step process. bulk registration can support the registration of up to 10 domain names at a single time. All information for bulk registration is provided in a single page form.
To ensure the quickest response from our live registration system, make sure that you have enough of a prepaid balance in your account to cover your domain order. If you do not have enough money in the system, you will be directed to the payment page.