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Mobile payment under fierce battle lines

Had gone to 2014, at the occasion of the New Year festival, the first of Lu Ye wishes you a small partner in 2014 in good health and good luck.

In fact, in the last days of December 2013, the Lu Ye has been thinking about the Internet in which direction the financial industry will develop this year, but suffers busy with other things, not to use words to show in front of you. Here, Lu Ye on the Internet in 2014 to predict the financial sector following aspects:

First, the introduction of Internet banking regulatory policy

Because of the closed nature of China’s financial system , before this , the banking sector is one of the few traditional industries is not affected by the Internet , or 0.35% of the bank to demand of 3.5 percent a year , such as low-cost access to capital , and then to 6 percent of the loan lending interest rates go , earning deposits and loans spread , with natural state credit guarantee , banks earn huge profits , only ICBC net profit for the first half of 2013 amounted to 138.5 billion yuan , the profits and gains even more than half of the entire Chinese Internet companies also great. However, the big banks on loans to consider only state-owned large enterprises, small and medium micro enterprises are often unable to get loans to these companies add a shadow in development.

After the introduction of innovative Alipay balance treasure , Internet banking concept turned out , P2P lending platform network mushroomed birth , P2P platform enterprise projects mostly based on the entire network to raise funds on the platform , which eased to some extent, some cash flow problems encountered in the process of enterprise development , but the field of P2P illegal fund-raising , foot scandals market newspapers.

In fact , in 2013 the policy level , the central bank ‘s supervision of financial research on the internet has never relaxed , Liu Shiyu , vice president for research into several Internet financial firms , recently more outgoing full-time vice president of the China Banking Association published a signed article Ping Yang again , bluntly, ” Internet banking is no longer naked” , Internet Finance Committee set up in early December is the basis for the regulatory rules promulgated and bedding .

Therefore, Lu Ye believe that the Internet will be on the right track financial regulation , and even reason to believe that the “two sessions ” on behalf of the financial and members will not ignore the Internet in March “to see the possibility of the two sessions of Internet financial proposal is great, the internet financial regulation may be put on the national strategy.

Two , P2P networks will be industry consolidation loans

2013, P2P networks to raise loans to the public network headed off a collapse of the wave, Paolu common occurrences, October is peaked. Lu Ye think all levels of society to adapt Darwin’s theory of evolution , natural selection , survival of the fittest , P2P industry self- purification, elimination of poor risk control business is inevitable , of course, some people holding flowers small cost and then choose the foot dry P2P bound be severely punished by law.

Like 2011 hot buys, buy site in 2013 only U.S. groups, handle, rice, several. 2014 , P2P net loan will be fierce competition in the industry , industry consolidation , either to get capital investment , or take refuge in BAT , etc. For the first choice , it would appear favorable network, which has gained the love P2P network investment credit capital investment the upper hand , the other P2P must continue to oh.

Inter Or, choose the powerful combination of the industry, resource restructuring. Lu Ye predicted that 2014 will be Tuomohengfei credit P2P networks, may one day prior to the acquisition of the rumor, the next day it announced the acquisition of investments or acquisitions, anything is possible.

Third, Paypal wallet and micro-channel payment under fierce battle line

After the August 2013 launch of the micro-channel pay, on the next line during intense promotion, in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities already enjoy convenient micro-channel payments. When micro-channel payment gaining momentum in October, Alipay announced wallet to pay in person, in November announced an independent brand, and then cooperate with intime, the United States should be good, fast taxi, and actively layout of the line.

Micro- payment under the letter is with the top grade discount, 7-Eleven convenience stores in Guangzhou and other cooperation layout line, pays on -line micro-channel cooperation with millet, millet 3 launch specials, it is believed to stimulate micro- payment account number. In the micro-channel pay launched 100 days, the number of users reached 20 million, while the number of paypal users exceeded 100 million purse marks are spent three years.

2014 , Paypal wallet and micro-channel pay expand ” battle” will be online next , this is a war of no smoke , after six months of gestation in 2013 , 2014 will be a watershed for both sides , who seize the initiative, will initiative in the market accounted for the huge market potential the line , Lu Ye believed to Alipay payment wallet and micro-channel , this will be a protracted war .

Chen guangbiao to the acquisition, “the New York Times.”

” Recently, I’ll go to America to do three things, the first thing is to go to negotiate the acquisition of ” New York Times “.” Philanthropist, China Huangpu Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. Chen cursor go, words and deeds will be people attention.

Tonight ( December 30 ) , he appeared in the 4th floor , Luohu District, Shenzhen Peng Hotel conference hall , attended the ” overseas Chinese media Cooperation Organization” and co- organized by the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po , ” 2013 China International Media Awards ” live in obtaining after the “Success Stories ” title , he does so his acceptance speech .

Referred to the acquisition, ” the New York Times,” the audience laughing, ” put the satellite is to it.”

The night of December 24 , Chen cursor spent a Dongfeng truck to a vehicle, a total of 16 tons one hundred yuan in Nanjing makeshift open-air several meters high red account “assemble ” a three-sided ” wall of money ” and a “money table,” the ” studio ” , site promotional economic Census .

Network again in an uproar.

As for tonight, he again stunned the world, the acquisition of ” New York Times “, drew a stunned audience, guests and media, some even laughing: “? ! Put the satellite put too much of it,” Reporters micro-channel circle of friends was also questioned, “Standard brother, then you also believe that? ”

According to news media reports, Chen cursor and the ” New York Times” from August 2012 , Chen cursor spend about thirty thousand U.S. dollars in the ” New York Times ” published a half-page ad , declaring the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory ; August 5 this year , Chen ‘s son Chen cursor environment in the ” New York Times ” advertisements declared sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands again ; August 11 , Chen cursor again in the ” New York Times ” published a half -page advertisement , calling Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe not to visit Yasukuni Shrine .

Public information, ” New York Times ” (The NewYork Times) sometimes referred to as the ” Times ” (The Times). the New York Daily News is a publication of the issue in the world, has considerable influence on behalf of senior U.S. Newspapers / serious publications, has long been a good credibility and authority.

During the meeting, Chen cursor in an interview with reporters to ” buy” the New York Times, ” ” did not elaborate on the issue, said only ” under negotiation.” After the rush to leave, left a business card and then did not answer reporters Chen cursor phone, nor the reporter consulted about the acquisition, ” New York Times” SMS reply.

” Died in the wealthy, is a disgrace.”

In an interview with reporters, his hand on how to fulfill the social responsibility of Chinese entrepreneurs eloquent.

He said he has three levels of awareness of the social responsibility of Chinese entrepreneurs , one company responsible for the people , for the people to produce safe , reliable products , not swindling , not pollute the environment ; Second, entrepreneurs have to make their own may solve some multi- service employment, pay more taxes, not tax evasion ; three is the same as standard brother voluntarily and consciously put out of pocket a percentage of net out to do some ecological and environmental protection , helping the poor thing do some positive energy work.

“As an entrepreneur, as the Comrade Xiaoping said, the first money to help the rich, for our society, we should make some contribution.” Cursor Chen said, “Fortune water, you have to drink a glass of water, you there is a bucket of water, you can put yourself at home when you have a river, you have to learn to share with others. ”

” As the saying goes, money as dirt, students do not bring refuses to take life live on in respect of the philanthropist, died lonely than a single book on the miser glorious, great.” Chen cursor said he also cited the United States ” steel king” Carnegie famously said. ” died in the wealthy, is a disgrace.”

Baidu mobile phone users hurts guards

Recently, Baidu Security Labs released a mobile security report. The report shows Android platform security situation worsening, the number of infected users has continued to rise in the third quarter of this year has more than 5 million. Meanwhile, as the number of users growing steadily Andrews permeability security applications unexpectedly fell, unsafe environment also spawned demand for mobile phone users to optimize and secure software. To this end, December 18, Baidu announced its mobile system optimization products. ” Andrews optimization guru ” upgraded to ” Baidu mobile guards,” a strong move into the field of security. In Andrews optimization guru, based on the Baidu mobile guards were substantial capacity upgrades, new professional virus killing capacity, the main ” anti- smoking costs, the provincial traffic ” feature.

The move to Baidu , Information Technology Research Institute of Tsinghua University Associate Professor Chan Chun : “In the past on a desktop system , the processor from 32-64 It took 20 years of development , while the iPhone from 32 to the current 64-bit architecture , in just six years . Quickly upgrade phone hardware performance, and promote the outbreak of mobile applications, giving a powerful phone features, it also brings application redundancy, running slow, memory consumption efficiency. Ahead, with mobile Internet further penetration of everyday life to the users, their mobile payment, mobile banking and other services, letting greatly highlight the importance of mobile security. ”

Meanwhile, Chen Zhen pointed out that people demand for mobile security software core is actually: Optimizing + security, and now, Baidu mobile guards combined the needs of users, can be described as just right.

It is understood that Baidu mobile guards Andrews optimization guru in the continuation of the system optimization and harassment prevention lead, mobile acceleration, refuse removal, ranked first worldwide application management capabilities, the ability to further strengthen anti-harassment. Meanwhile, Baidu mobile guards developed ” anti- smoking costs ” feature, you can also scan a comprehensive mobile application, the first time the discovery and precise killing charge back applications.

In addition, Baidu mobile guards new virus killing function is also of concern, Baidu mobile antivirus engine (TrustGo) maintains the international advanced level in the field of mobile phone virus killing. Internationally renowned security software testing organization AV-Test of November the latest evaluation results show that Baidu mobile antivirus engines to 100% killing rate, zero false positives, performance out of a possible 13 points ranked first worldwide good results.

In fact, Baidu Mobile Guard has the ability to people in the industry have said good, we generally reflect today’s rates , the property is a mobile security difficulties, Baidu the release of mobile guards , pushing anti- smoking costs the function , identify universal user pain points , from traffic monitoring calls , smoking costs the virus killing the prepaid recharge service , a set of solutions which can fully meet user demand for mobile security , worthy of recognition .

Bigger the fight with giant

Lead: Never give up, always support the courage to challenge the giants of the 360, not Zhou combative personality, but 360 companies believe in “user education.”
An evening in December, the lanterns. A conference room next to the headquarters building of international electronic 798 Art District in Beijing, Zhou [ microbiology ] sitting on an inconspicuous seat, listened to some and not related to the product in comments.

This is an odd tiger 360 81.48, 1.00, 1.24%) Company (NYSE: QIHU) internal telco will, be cuckoo product is a new version of the 360 ​​Secure browser. At the moment, the atmosphere in the room has reached the apex, a lot of employees who are not related to departments sitting or standing, pointing to the product team who loudly complained that they are not satisfied:

“It was not smooth browser with 360, how to allow users to use more smoothly? ” ‘ In the case of the user should not be loaded, so that the product can automatically load again! ”

Another person right now in your browser screenshot function not satisfied that the user experience and certain products compared to competitors, are nothing but rubbish ……

No matter how intense and nonsensical telco’s problem, the browser product group of people cannot speak, can not even speak Zhou.

Such Zhou attended cuckoo will not know how many times. As long as there is time, he will listen to, and in accordance with their own understanding of the user to guide the direction of the product. In his opinion, in a giant siege sinister external environment, the user first 360 is the only way to survive, and it’s around the corporate culture and fighting in the market, is necessary.

Chinese Internet catfish

Yes, perhaps the odd tiger 360 today and in the future for a long period of time the most controversial companies in the world – this company in the industry today and dare the two largest Chinese Internet giant Tencent and Baidu [ microbiology ] ( 174.18 , 6.90 , 4.12% ) against , many small start-up companies but had become an ally of the 360 .

As founder of Qihoo 360 Zhou Hongyi, the investment community is across multiple areas, Internet security, search and other Internet veteran.

The internet industry in China, Qihoo 360 is always the image of a competitor described as ” showstoppers “; while Zhou seems that 360 is more like a Chinese Internet catfish.

In 2008, Qihoo 360 launched the free anti-virus software.

” I think as an Internet-based security services, sooner or later, to free, which is a big trend, as their first free.” Zhou recalled, ” then shareholders have opposed, because it means the loss of millions of antivirus software on income. I’ll take them to see a ” founding of the Republic “, which Mao Zedong said, ” People lost in person to lose both, in people, people who obtain land.” My understanding is the land revenue, who is the user if the user revenues will come back eventually persuaded everyone after 360 free antivirus first starts of our current users have exceeded 460 million, this is free to bring a miracle. ”

360 made ​​Free antivirus, free safety. Zhou Hongyi view, free safety, half commercial, half charity. That it is a commercial, because free safety may constitute free business model; say it is the public, because it reduces the use of high -quality security services user threshold, both to improve the level of safety, but also saves costs.

“360 antivirus free to help me with their own free concept, I also pay more attention to the importance of the user. 360 today, is also inseparable from the free business model and user -oriented philosophy.” Zhou said.

Believed in the ” user education”

Never give up, always support the courage to challenge the giants of the 360, not Zhou combative personality, but 360 companies believe in “user education.” Zhou praised all the time on their own ” user education” belief. ” the user experience from a tool into a belief” is his pursuit.

Wars always have to participate in 360 and 360 self-proclaimed ” subversive innovation ” relevant , and 360 more believed in the ” user education” about: If launched a free anti-virus software, security software into a comprehensive free era , marked 360 fraudulent phishing , purification search market , it is inevitable that touched the interests of some vendors.

In fact, the company developed to a certain size, will face earnings pressure, internal development pressure, then companies will instinctively tend to balance their own interests. Zhou believes that if the value of the enterprise for their own interests , ignoring the interests of users, standing on the opposite side of the user , it is equal to 360 standing on the opposite side ; while 360 have been relatively cautious on commercialization , is to avoid this . ” Tilt the balance instinct “on.

At the same time , the number of users in Qihoo 360 ‘s growing business from the core security needs to be more close to the user ‘s “Pan security” extends from the safe to the browser, and then search, search share from 5% to 10%, then 15% , while the number of employees with the gradual increase in the explosive growth and market share , Qihoo 360 ‘s stock continued to rise ……

Zhou Hongyi, the most valuable in the eyes of customers and employees is – he even changed the title of CEO , ” chief experience officer ” : “all user interests above the interests of the company , to win customers , the company has value .”

“My biggest motivation is to have a lot of users with 360 products. Many users of these products can help solve the problem, it makes us motivated.” Zhou said, ” but as the company grew and grew, once complacent, satisfied the status of the case, it will lose the innovative vitality. Progress, before lying on laurels, lost the entrepreneurial spirit. This is the biggest challenge I most intolerable is that we may encounter. ”

He believes that with the development of the Internet, the entire economy of the future environment will be a fundamental change. Traditional enterprises must be reformed to upgrade. At this time, business leaders need to break with tradition, conservative values, tolerance is more about different ideas, tolerance “think different”, there are different ideas to encourage innovators.

Quito 360 LOGO is a core element of green round ball, and down each surrounded by an arc.

It is said that when the original design of this LOGO, Zhou and management also hopes that through the full three-dimensional shapes to convey a 360 comprehensive, thoughtful, successful brand appeals. The upper and lower parts of the arc, representing 360 companies and users, they tried to show in this LOGO in between 360 and users communicate with each other, blending the close relationship with students. The center of the ball, ” + ” is directed at Internet Identity 360 security experts, the performance for the user to build a 360- determination for safe and reliable virtual network living environment.


Seo as a “preferred”

Modern urban men and women, a soft spot for tourism, lift travel freely and naturally expect comfortable. In addition, unit outings, family outings situation more and more demand for the expansion of tourism in the year. Tourism, relative to other industries in terms of a low-carbon industry once and for all, meets the needs of social development, industrial development, current industrial investment gradually takes the heat.
Promotion of tourism investment projects take the heat is the key to success
The tourism industry has developed rapidly, but most of the revenue comes from the well-known attractions, many newly developed tourist area surprisingly deserted, invested a lot of capital is difficult to recover in a short time. Marketing Consultant Internet marketing agency believes tourism is a product with essentially no difference between corporate marketing, when your products and services done, propaganda has become the key to success.
Some people may say, we know the importance of publicity, but we do not know how to promote, we put some ads, but the market did not react significantly, how is this going? With the advent of the Internet age, the pattern also has a larger media market changed, almost out of the broadcast media market, the sudden emergence of much more than network television trend.
Internet promotion is a new way to promote tourism projects
As long as the work is done spread, general principles are universal, consultant network marketing organizations to share in this brief media promotion of several key steps.
Select media planners need to understand the industry background. The group has a clear grasp of the industry and the characteristics of the media and audience has a good grasp of the media in order to be able to choose the right direction. Now the mainstream media is nothing more than television. Internet, newspapers, magazines, but the promotion is often subject to budgetary constraints, marketers need to find the most cost effective way to promote.
Secondly , creative planning
Whether it is advertising, or PR, is to promote the creative core. According to the characteristics and features of the media audience to plan one or N topic, do put in the plan.
Then , the implementation of the promotion
Implementation of the promotion campaign is executed, the original floor plan to do, the key to this step is the need for experienced personnel to guard the project consultant to guide project implementation, some of the details that only they know.
Finally, the impact assessment
After the implementation of the campaign, to assess the effect of the promotion, so you can better guide future promotion.
Based on the above analysis, the tourism industry clients focus on the young population , highly educated , high income, high consumption of three high population , they mastery of modern information technology , accessibility computer a lot, after all, the correct choice of online media to promote tourism projects . Internet promotion is based on network media promotion, profound expand it later, is unmatched by other media, tourism projects do best to find an experienced web promotion marketing consultant to do outreach programs, overall planning step by step.

Top 10 vps in china

According to CNNIC releaseed tomorrow,Chinese top 10 vps provider 2013:


We are proud to be 1st rank from CNNIC. Our main business includes:Domain name, Dedicated server, web hosting, vps, cloud computering and so on. our domestic market has been widely praised. So Corporation decided to open overseas operations, for the majority of overseas customers with more excellent service and determination.


China Wan is a Chinese veteran of the domain name and web hosting services provider in the launch of new products and technology aspects of action is also faster. Million net also has a very comprehensive set of network and application technology services domestic domain , its ” buy network ” is also information providers and information dissemination domestic markets occupy a certain position. In actual use, the overall speed in general, but a good stability of the host , such as a problem solving customer service attitude is very good, the biggest drawback is the price relatively expensive , but components and some other services require an additional fee .And they also extended overseas business.

Western Data Center

Western Telecom data center is one of the four major data centers belonging to telecom operators, network resources are abundant , the host’s stability and speed have reliable protection for large enterprise users.but no they do not start overseas.

Shanghai ChinaNetCenter

Editorial: Shanghai ChinaNetCenter provides host hosting leased line access services such as IDC , has a self-built computer room and a lot of bandwidth , covering the whole country, Shanghai is the core of the IDC operators .

Century Internet

Editorial: Century Internet is the early start of large-scale network infrastructure service provider IDC , China’s first generation of Internet technology business, and now has grown to become the major cities in the country with branches and has a lot of room and bandwidth resources IDC supplier.

263 Data Center

Comment: 263 have their own data centers , located in Beijing, Guangzhou , and Shanghai , and the ICP, ISP, IDC strung together to form a service provider IDC , IDC user ( traditional enterprises ,. Com companies, etc. ) and end customers interactive , network rich in resources, the appropriate network services are more abundant.

Western Digital

Review : Western Digital is the leading virtual machine operators, telecom in Mianyang , Chengdu China Netcom , Chengdu Railway , Zheng Zhou multi-line , multi-line Beijing , Shanghai and other cities core multi-line IDC room has a separate cabinet , while providing U.S. Hong Kong server rental server and network resources are rich Sichuan region ‘s leading IDC operators .


Editorial: Xinwanghulian Qualification quite complete, is the China Internet Network Information Center authorized by China ‘s top domain registrar, is by ” Ministry of Information Industry ,” approved by an independent qualified domain name registry services , holding by the Beijing Communications Management Board approved the authorization of Internet operators certificate and so on. Push his company to have some new capabilities , pioneered managed website can use the phone service and other new services.

Beijing Internet

Editorial: Beijing Internet advantage is we have branches in the main area , such as Tianjin , Beijing , Shanghai , Suzhou, Chengdu , Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen , With this advantage for the fifth customers can provide direct network service .


Comment: the resources in Beijing , Shanghai , Suzhou, Hangzhou , Fuzhou, Guangzhou , with branch offices , as a large IDC operators , hosts more stable, speed is good , the price is more expensive, suitable for medium-sized enterprises.

Hadoop business intelligence practice the full data

Sept 2013 , by the innovator of the Oriental local Hadoop Etu Etu information to know the objective of the objective to make a big information Hadoop one device , in the ” Computer World” subsidized ” the era of big information company intellect ” Peak Community, won the planners granted “Big information outstanding Item Award” , along with co- champions DELL, Huawei, trend , SAS and other well-known market Youshang .
About this prize, Etu objectives known person in cost Jiangju Yu said: “I am satisfied Etu as the only one in which big information system product Association for the prizes.”
Data from the handling of information and discover the company value viewpoint, the era of big information company intellect is present junction. Conventional company intellect is still in an organized information factory at the base, through the cabin and other types of reviews and the outcomes show, to help clients identify from the information in the new work at home possibilities and make more appropriate choices.
Since there is mutual understanding, there will be competitors , but now it seems the two factors of the aggressive scenario is not obvious that this is more a mixture between the two : Hadoop environment developing a big information technology such natural depending on partial -structured unstructured computer abilities, which will certainly make up the standard BI in the database of the genetic lack ; while traditional BI company reasoning of introduction for the client , knowing, modelling after a long time of develop up, obviously has designed business clients inertia , which is the big information permanent temporary brief panel .
The fact that it seems , Hadoop as a huge database technological innovation with traditional BI incorporation is possible, it is also a very obvious technological innovation styles , Etu objectives known manufacturers as Asia’s local Hadoop , Hadoop system itself in concentrating on the generality and marketing it is also the incorporation of Hadoop with the company reasoning part area , the BI assistance, and other factors of creation , in-depth research and exercise. Eve now knew objectives have been performed with a number of BI suppliers to the system structure of the company reasoning of research and research. The outcomes are very beneficial positive.
According to the real purpose of Etu known experience , Hadoop mixture with BI usually be taken two ways : The first is the information purchase into Hadoop for washing and pretreatment , and then turned into organized information feedback information factory for BI contact ; another is by the BI suppliers open user interface to Hadoop system , or the plug from the BI contact information straight from Hadoop . “So far, the second case we experienced some more ” Jiangju Yu indicated.
The use of traditional BI and Hadoop big information to incorporate together , we can say because Hadoop to be a part of, clients can accomplish “full data” research and handling, to be more precise value decision, but on the other hand , which in turn is depending on Hadoop big pc delivers higher requirements: If any one of the past systems, company clients require it to be safe, constant, simple to use, simple to handle and increase. Although almost challenging client specifications, but such objectives known as Etu Hadoop big pc suppliers also are extremely well read. Even burning Hadoop itself, Etu objectives known, through personalized and cost-effective popular x86 web servers, with self-developed Etu OS, as the Hadoop group implementation and effective function of the automated provides the most primary security.
“Etu know strong knowing of client purpose using Hadoop ‘s ‘ pain ,'” Jiangju Yu said, ” so we are dedicated to offering clients with outstanding and effective Hadoop system products to help can easily across huge data-processing facilities to develop limitations , to supplement traditional BI difficult to deal with semi- organized and unstructured information problems, better play its value, is our ongoing attempt, I believe this is the purpose of this prize Etu know the real reason . “

Education Industry Solutions Lenovo unveiled “education dream? Chinese line” education tour

[ REVIEW ] Lately, subsidized by the Secretary of state for Education and learning , the Main Academic Technological innovation Art gallery organised ” educational desire · China” nationwide main and additional educating of technology system of the outcomes trip last quit in Chengdu came to a near . As China’s education details essential cause of long-term members and marketers , Lenovo Team, the holding several alternatives showed up, and “Let the information of equal rights before the ” viewpoint is shown in everything of the system , the members obtained the agreement and led to community interest.
Recently, subsidized by the secretary of state for education and learning, the Main Academic Technological Innovation Art Gallery organised ” educational desire hina” nationwide main and additional educating of technology system of the outcomes trip last quit in Chengdu came to a nnear.As China’s education details essential cause of long-term members and marketers , Lenovo Team, the holding several alternatives showed up, and “Let the information of equal rights before the ” viewpoint is shown in everything of the system , the members obtained the agreement and led to community interest.

Lenovo Education and learning Solutions revealed “education desire · China” large-scale educational tour
NCET relevant responsible person said that the large-scale educational charitable organisation trip activities as training to advertise technology and the depth of incorporation, and enhance technology environment based on system of the outcomes , educating mode, system cases, and suitable for the system of new technology schools such as new product success in the nationwide main and additional education is widely used to achieve innovative technology to link the electronic split , played a significant role in promoting.
During this trip, Lenovo emphasize the task had Shenzhou ten successfully completing the first area in entertaining classroom educating solution. The system relies on ThinkServer web servers and advanced reasoning processing technology, truly student- based educating. Instructors can use Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop computers as a commercial one electronic system electronic teachers , and learners can take advantage of Lenovo Zhaoyang tablet PCs and laptop computers as learning international airport , at any place , any moment, to learn and to carry out various forms of real-time with teachers connections. Moreover, the plan of the remote video educating function , you can also give way to educate learners of not developed places , ready to listen to live thousands of miles away top level teachers to explain , to break the hurdle of area and here we are at teachers and learners to create new educating encounter , truly a “Let’s information of equal rights before .”

Lenovo display drawn many members were concerned about

Lenovo technicians on-site system for the members to demonstrate
The “education dreams · Chinese line ” nationwide trip to take large-scale educational road display and online at the same time display two ways to display the material of use of good methods including education , movies, expert training , field encounter and new technology workshops, trip opportunity mainly focused in Jiangxi, Anhui and other eight central and western areas , poverty-stricken places and cultural community places region , Lenovo full contribution in this trip .

PC operating system market winter giants how to play the field

As an item of the digital age represents, PC’s in the past is undoubtedly brilliant. And all group companies and PC -related family also became the concentration of interest.
Passage of your energy and effort, the passing of your energy and effort, the former PC giant Dell, HP, Acer and other brands have a congregation into a quagmire, PC industry downturn to see.

According to the International Information Corporation IDC, global PC deliveries in the third one fourth were 80.3 thousand designs, down 7.6% overall, bringing PC deliveries have been six consecutive quarters of decrease. the newest in Apple’s earnings report reveals that 2013 financial seasons. Apple organization marketed 16.34 thousand designs Mac, which is from the minimum level since 2010.
The data show that everything. PC industry has joined a brutal winter ever. However, even if the PC has not been so popular, PC overall dimension the industry is still there. Breeze face lingering, but also producers of computers in Microsof organization’s effective warning in the context of how other giants will perform?
Nowadays, such as Apple organization, search engines has begun more and more overweight in the PC Os in the area, I wish, when the decrease in the overall organization by expanding a discussion.
Mac OS 100% free, really is outflanked Microsof organization does?
October 23, Apple Organization declared a new affiliate marketing had been paid update of the Mac OS is now a 100% free update to the newest Mavericks, while a sequence of 100% free program tools.
Apple’s 100% free technique, for many analysts seems to Microsof Organization for outflanking. But do not forget that Apple organization and Microsof organization’s organizational structure is absolutely different. Its strategic effect of converting to Microsof organization suddenly appears.
Mac 100% free to update techniques and providing the program is not so much sniping Microsof organization, as it is to pay tribute to their unparalleled achievements iOS learning.
Apple is not a program vendor, but rather a program and components producers. Regardless of Apple’s program is not 100% free, mostly only on Apple organization’s own gadgets operating (apart from Safari and iTunes). So Apple organization program items for 100% free, only affect Apple organization system customers, while other customers outside this ecosystem are generally meaningless.
But the achievements of iOS that provide customers with first-class incorporated program and components assistance solutions will greatly enhance the components item sales. As of June, this season, iOS system’s complete item product sales have exceeded 600 thousand, while it is estimated that in Oct, when iOS gadgets will achieve 700 thousand, item product sales are very considerable.
System updates iOS gadgets like Apple’s personal computers are not devices, update their techniques from the outset is 100% free. Unless the program is fully seasoned cannot run the newest program, and Apple organization offers the newest program to iOS gadgets.
Doing so did not have any item sales of Apple’s gadgets effect, but lets consumers prefer Apple organization gadgets, iOS system item sales hit record highs is the best example.
At one time , devices item sales is Apple organization ‘s primary earnings , in contrast to a purely proprietary program item sales is almost negligible ; while Apple organization APP shop is increasingly important for the fourth one fourth, Apple’s iTunes program and solutions earnings for the one fourth achieved $ 4.4 billion dollars , an improve of 22% , with powerful development in APP stroke also need to enhance the number of gadgets to back up. So long as they can pull components item sales, program 100% free for Apple organization and not much affected.
The program is 100% free. Another one of the advantages is obvious that people are more willing to update to the newest program. As of Oct 23, 2013, Cook speech mentioned 64% of the iPhone has been upgraded to iOS 7 programmes, but now from the iOS 7 released just over four months. IOS 7 almost become the fastest distributed os.
When most customers update to the newest program, program developers who develop programs without too much when both the old program and sacrificed too much because of the compatibility of the new features. While Apple Organization APP shop most of enough time needs only suitable with the newest os audit program.
Since the rules of this ready-made children so effective in the iOS world, then copy the effective experience to Mac OS ecology, is a very natural thing.
From an organization perspective, apple’s os promising. July of this season, in the pc industry, Microsoft Windows organization of 92.01%, Mac OS to 6.97% of the performance ranking second. In comparison to its big sibling Microsof organization , Mac OS organization is still very small , so I’m leaving it to perform space is still very huge, even if the overall discuss of 1-2 % improve, for Apple organization ‘s own deliveries for all is a an explosion.
On the other side, though Apple organization hopes to offer more Mac, but also more wish is to make more money. Earnings in the organization of Apple’s emphasis on this point of the iPhone’s placement can be seen. Even Andrews has marketed more than Apple organization. This does not affect Apple organization is still the most effective smart phone manufacturer.
This will proceed on a Mac. Apple organization while the 100% free part of its os and program, Apple organization does not want to sacrifice too much of the advantages in exchange for organization, Mac will proceed with its high-end placement, and high-end under normal circumstances is not popular. So even if Apple’s os 100% free update technique has been effective, does not give Microsof organization substantial cause too much pressure. But for Apple organization, as long as you can offer more devices, its profits will be even more impressive.
Microsoft’s monopoly position, and turned into the devices in the area?
In the area of PC operating-system for many years when Big Brother Microsof organization these days has not been idle, and the acquisition of Nokia, also intends to modify CEO, it not too busy heating up.
Microsoft, the world’s largest program manufacturer, is experiencing particular conditions, apparently has no previous relaxed calm. Micronor organization began a radical modify. This transformation includes two factors.
On the one side, Microsof organization has presented a controversial program to Win 8, wants to pc and item techniques incorporation together to type a huge unified program. While however released surface area series Tablet, emulate Apple organization program and components, incorporated package.
With the iPad’s popularity, Microsof organization no longer sits still. To know that as early as 2001, Microsof organization has already presented a contact laptop table pc idea and manufacturing of some items, however, due to various reasons, the sequence has not joined the popular industry. Micronor organization cannot sit idly by Apple organization in the area of a single huge contact. To this end, Microsof organization presented its next-generation os, Win 8.
And Apple organization Mac OS, iOS double program strategies are different, Microsof organization Win 8 a program trying to satisfy both pc and item two requirements. Appropriate for the unique pc program and a new contact interface has become the concentration of Microsoft windows propaganda.
Win 8 in the call, OEM producers have presented a wide range of deformation of this, there are flip -style, plughole, shaft type, split -screen keyboard, and various forms of heating is not easy to perform, very lively.
Although these items look cool. But its actual deliveries are not optimistic. According to foreign media statistics, as of Oct this season, Microsoft Windows 8 is currently only occupy the popular pc program circulation rate 8% organization, and Mac OS techniques considerably. But to know the placement of Win 8 is not just a full pc program, which is a primary interface is absolutely flat. If the item is also added to the calculation, the discussion of Microsoft Windows 8 will probably lower.
In inclusion to OEM producers who supervise the development of new cross-border items and Microsof organization itself also shiftless. Micronor organization CEO Steve Ballmer had previously declared plans to transform into ” devices and solutions ” organization and started its own manufacturing program equipped with a components system.
Microsoft’s components gadgets surface area series has released the second creation of items. Surface area inclusion to its os pre-installed, the item also comes in some of its office items. Micronor organization Surface area items given great expectations , but its first-generation earnings bleak, so far not released the relevant item sales data, Microsoft windows newest processing reveals one of Microsof organization ‘s entertainment and gadgets division earnings loss of 015 thousand , while earnings meeting Microsof organization CFO Ai m Hood also acknowledged that the situation of the sector ‘s performance , ” the greatest effect or falls Surface area factors .”
Microsoft joined the devices in the area, and in fact did not bring economic advantages, but it offended the unique and its close relationship with the PC producers, does not seem an excellent chess move.
Microsoft’s pc os technique seems to be nothing to do. Nothing incensed. To be suitable with traditional and new trends to catch up, licensing organization to proceed, but also on its own components items.
Microsoft’s layout so that most people are scratching their heads, but it has a huge dominance of Microsof organization is still very effective. Microsoft windows newest processing reveals the first one fourth of financial 2014 , Microsoft windows earnings achieved $ 18.53 billion dollars , in contrast to $ 16 billion dollars last season grew 16 % ; net profit achieved $ 5.24 billion dollars , in contrast to last year’s $ 4.47 billion dollars increased 17 % .
Even Win 8 and surface area did not get much praise, but an excellent earnings so that Microsof organization still has sufficient a chance to try to explore a wide range of new gameplay.
Internet gamers Search engines spoiler
Google as the Online’s emerging power, has been entrenched for Microsof organization operating-system eyeing areas. Of course, for Search engines, the license fees are not naturally like Search engines are seeking to offer devices nor search engines’s strengths. Search engines want is for devices imported by the enormous visitors.
For Search engines, the online visitors are almost everything. Search engines are almost all organizational designs are built on the circulation of marketing earnings brought over.
From search engines declared Search engines 2013 third one fourth results, Search engines third one fourth complete earnings of $ 14.89 billion dollars degrees. Among which accounted for 92% of marketing earnings to achieve $ 13.77 billion dollars.
Back in 2009, Search engines have released a test called the Cr-48 designs, hoping to come from the Firefox browser extension for Firefox OS program into the PC area, and make the PC industry into the reasoning era.
While holding the Samsung Chromebook Firefox OS also once occupied Amazon Mall laptop item sales list, let search engines see a glimmer of wish. Since search engines are the introduction of high-end version of the laptop chromebook Pixel, but because of dismal item sales price is too great.
phonebook Although the idea is very excellent, but the reality is such that it can not become a actual choice for laptop , because Chromebook all programs require the Online, and the present Online environment is clearly not excellent enough to ensure that any moment you can access the Online , use of too few also hindered its faster development.
The search engines Reggie Andrews another one by virtue of the power performance of the cell phone industry, rapid development, but there is a trend to enter the pc.
With Apple ‘s interest on the Android operating system market , Android operating system operating on the X86 architecture has generally been no major problems. Apple’s recent communication meeting, a wide range of holding Win 8 and Android operating system double program of the laptop appears in the booth. Andrews became pc techniques become possible.
However, these items are not yet available in the marketplace scale, so its industry acceptance has yet to be tested.
Whether Firefox OS or Android operating system, and its exploration in the pc industry still in its infancy. But with a 100 % free and open Online comes to search engines , its potential is not easy to be underestimated .
Although the same as the os, but in a different role gamers do not seem to do it the same.
Operating program is Microsoft windows biggest and most direct earnings. The transition into ” gadgets and solutions ” organization, Microsof organization, is also experiencing their unique organizational structure challenges.
For Apple organization, touting its program and components incorporation system is the ultimate objective, to this end, cut off a small meat absolutely irrelevant. For Search engines, the objective is to control the online portal, to get visitors to realize, as from Andrews or Chorme OS, also, or Firefox browsers are not so important.
The Times modifies. Modify pc os is imperative. Is the incorporation or independence, or cloud- based stand-alone. All this is not the answer. But what is certain is that the future of the PC Os industry, and even the PC industry, and the present type will be very different.