I want a site where I start?

For those who are not connected with the Internet but have a small business or performs a specific task and want to penetrate and online question of title may be pertinent . Websites are gateways to a better targeted information . More specifically websites present information and products for those interested in it , the latter reaching these online sources as a result of searches performed with a specific search engine, usually Google.

So when you decide to develop a website should know and keep in mind the following:
domain name

It is preferable that contain the keyword domain name for which you want the best possible positioning in search engine results caurare Google. For example you real estate agency ” YoGhi ” which provides real estatebrokerage services in Bucharest neighborhood Camp Road . Perhaps you think that the domain name should be the name of the agency. We say it is wrong , you need to find a domain name that has your keyword activity after determining that potential customers can find you. In our case suitable for affection and keyword domain name is the ” real way camp ” and thus imobiliaredrumultaberei.ro ;
Hosting Provider

Web hosting is the service that allows websites to be visible in the browser ( Mozilla , IE ) . It is important to know when choosing a hosting provider , it must be in the country where you want to search for the target audience . Here you should know that it is preferable to obtain a unique IP for your site ;

Niche market that you want to perform and attract visitors accordingly. In this phase must be brief because a site that wants to position in search engine results as well as many keywords will surely be extremely difficult ;

Information that you want in the site – Here you must have an overall idea of how you want to defend sections , text, images and links . If you have no idea of these things you should talk with a experienced programmer to outline your ideas ;
The budget realization site (creare site)

Generally, those who develop websites that make a price after brief in summarizing the client’s requirements . Depending on how complex the brief – one that will make the site will take into account the time taken but also the technologies used. There are some companies that use free templates and scripts to maintain a low price for their services. We advise you to choose wisely the company or freelancer that will achieve the desired site ;

Mainly these things should keep in mind when you decide to develop a website.