Hadoop business intelligence practice the full data

Sept 2013 , by the innovator of the Oriental local Hadoop Etu Etu information to know the objective of the objective to make a big information Hadoop one device , in the ” Computer World” subsidized ” the era of big information company intellect ” Peak Community, won the planners granted “Big information outstanding Item Award” , along with co- champions DELL, Huawei, trend , SAS and other well-known market Youshang .
About this prize, Etu objectives known person in cost Jiangju Yu said: “I am satisfied Etu as the only one in which big information system product Association for the prizes.”
Data from the handling of information and discover the company value viewpoint, the era of big information company intellect is present junction. Conventional company intellect is still in an organized information factory at the base, through the cabin and other types of reviews and the outcomes show, to help clients identify from the information in the new work at home possibilities and make more appropriate choices.
Since there is mutual understanding, there will be competitors , but now it seems the two factors of the aggressive scenario is not obvious that this is more a mixture between the two : Hadoop environment developing a big information technology such natural depending on partial -structured unstructured computer abilities, which will certainly make up the standard BI in the database of the genetic lack ; while traditional BI company reasoning of introduction for the client , knowing, modelling after a long time of develop up, obviously has designed business clients inertia , which is the big information permanent temporary brief panel .
The fact that it seems , Hadoop as a huge database technological innovation with traditional BI incorporation is possible, it is also a very obvious technological innovation styles , Etu objectives known manufacturers as Asia’s local Hadoop , Hadoop system itself in concentrating on the generality and marketing it is also the incorporation of Hadoop with the company reasoning part area , the BI assistance, and other factors of creation , in-depth research and exercise. Eve now knew objectives have been performed with a number of BI suppliers to the system structure of the company reasoning of research and research. The outcomes are very beneficial positive.
According to the real purpose of Etu known experience , Hadoop mixture with BI usually be taken two ways : The first is the information purchase into Hadoop for washing and pretreatment , and then turned into organized information feedback information factory for BI contact ; another is by the BI suppliers open user interface to Hadoop system , or the plug from the BI contact information straight from Hadoop . “So far, the second case we experienced some more ” Jiangju Yu indicated.
The use of traditional BI and Hadoop big information to incorporate together , we can say because Hadoop to be a part of, clients can accomplish “full data” research and handling, to be more precise value decision, but on the other hand , which in turn is depending on Hadoop big pc delivers higher requirements: If any one of the past systems, company clients require it to be safe, constant, simple to use, simple to handle and increase. Although almost challenging client specifications, but such objectives known as Etu Hadoop big pc suppliers also are extremely well read. Even burning Hadoop itself, Etu objectives known, through personalized and cost-effective popular x86 web servers, with self-developed Etu OS, as the Hadoop group implementation and effective function of the automated provides the most primary security.
“Etu know strong knowing of client purpose using Hadoop ‘s ‘ pain ,'” Jiangju Yu said, ” so we are dedicated to offering clients with outstanding and effective Hadoop system products to help can easily across huge data-processing facilities to develop limitations , to supplement traditional BI difficult to deal with semi- organized and unstructured information problems, better play its value, is our ongoing attempt, I believe this is the purpose of this prize Etu know the real reason . “