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IPMI Side-band and out-of-band

As well as using a separate dedicated management LAN connection, IPMI also allows implementation of what is often called a “side-band” management LAN connection. This connection utilizes a System Management Bus (SMBUS) interface between the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) and the board Network Interface Controller (NIC). This solution has the advantage of reduced costs but also provides limited bandwidth – sufficient for text console redirection but not for video redirection. For example, when a remote computer is down the system administrator can access it through IPMI and utilize a text console. This will be sufficient for a few vital functions, such as checking the event log, accessing the BIOS setup and perform power on, power off or power cycle. However, more advanced functions, such as remote re-installation of an operating system, may require a full out-of-band management approach utilizing a dedicated LAN Connection.