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How to Choose a Managed Hosting Company

There are an ever-growing number of managed hosting companies to choose from in today’s current climate, due to an increasing necessity for software as a service. The greater the choice, the greater the difficulty when it comes to differentiating between a hosting company that is good, and a hosting company that is not so good; however, if you stick to some simple rules, and ask the right questions, then you can negate the possibility of ending up tied into a managed hosting contract that does not fulfil your managed hosting needs.

It is important to make the correct considerations, and not jump feet-first into a contract with the first application service provider you come across. Dedicated managed hosting varies tremendously from company to company, and so therefore the chances of the first company you speak to, having the ability to fulfil your managed hosting needs, is marginal. It is only once you’ve made all your considerations, and you know what it is that your company will be demanding from your managed hosting company, on a day-to-day basis, that you can begin your search: knowing what questions to ask at the point of sale is paramount.

How Does Their C.V. Read? Unless the managed hosting company you’re considering has a record of accomplishment in regards to running infrastructures for global enterprises then look elsewhere – they will not be able to fulfil your needs. The industry is awash with companies providing a broad service, and we all know the old proverb, don’t we – Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master-Of-None! Companies such as this are simply trying to capitalize on the Software as a Service business model, and take advantage of gaps in consumer knowledge.

Do not allow your company to fall victim to such practices. Your hosting provider MUST have a successful track record when it comes to the implementation of dedicated managed hosting. In addition, the managed hosting service provider you choose needs to fulfil a variety of other Software as a Service requirements, namely:

o Capacity planning o Compliance o Visibility o New technology integration

Run this by whomever it is that a prospective company puts you on the phone to – if they cannot parse what you are saying, then the company cannot fulfil your needs – full stop.

Willing to Work Alongside You Managed hosting is not without its intricacies, and with this in mind it beneficial to work with a company whose managed hosting service is not just about doing what you request, but working with you to develop both your business and your brand. Scalability is of great importance, and the last thing you want is to outgrow a managed hosting company’s capabilities.

An experienced managed hosting company will have dealt with scenarios that your company is likely to come across as it grows, and therefore have developed processes for dealing with difficulties. It is this experience that you are looking for in a managed hosting provider: a provider that has already done the thinking for you, and can proceed to do so in the future. Choose a managed hosting company that shares your vision, and is also looking at the bigger picture.