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Mobile payment under fierce battle lines

Had gone to 2014, at the occasion of the New Year festival, the first of Lu Ye wishes you a small partner in 2014 in good health and good luck.

In fact, in the last days of December 2013, the Lu Ye has been thinking about the Internet in which direction the financial industry will develop this year, but suffers busy with other things, not to use words to show in front of you. Here, Lu Ye on the Internet in 2014 to predict the financial sector following aspects:

First, the introduction of Internet banking regulatory policy

Because of the closed nature of China’s financial system , before this , the banking sector is one of the few traditional industries is not affected by the Internet , or 0.35% of the bank to demand of 3.5 percent a year , such as low-cost access to capital , and then to 6 percent of the loan lending interest rates go , earning deposits and loans spread , with natural state credit guarantee , banks earn huge profits , only ICBC net profit for the first half of 2013 amounted to 138.5 billion yuan , the profits and gains even more than half of the entire Chinese Internet companies also great. However, the big banks on loans to consider only state-owned large enterprises, small and medium micro enterprises are often unable to get loans to these companies add a shadow in development.

After the introduction of innovative Alipay balance treasure , Internet banking concept turned out , P2P lending platform network mushroomed birth , P2P platform enterprise projects mostly based on the entire network to raise funds on the platform , which eased to some extent, some cash flow problems encountered in the process of enterprise development , but the field of P2P illegal fund-raising , foot scandals market newspapers.

In fact , in 2013 the policy level , the central bank ‘s supervision of financial research on the internet has never relaxed , Liu Shiyu , vice president for research into several Internet financial firms , recently more outgoing full-time vice president of the China Banking Association published a signed article Ping Yang again , bluntly, ” Internet banking is no longer naked” , Internet Finance Committee set up in early December is the basis for the regulatory rules promulgated and bedding .

Therefore, Lu Ye believe that the Internet will be on the right track financial regulation , and even reason to believe that the “two sessions ” on behalf of the financial and members will not ignore the Internet in March “to see the possibility of the two sessions of Internet financial proposal is great, the internet financial regulation may be put on the national strategy.

Two , P2P networks will be industry consolidation loans

2013, P2P networks to raise loans to the public network headed off a collapse of the wave, Paolu common occurrences, October is peaked. Lu Ye think all levels of society to adapt Darwin’s theory of evolution , natural selection , survival of the fittest , P2P industry self- purification, elimination of poor risk control business is inevitable , of course, some people holding flowers small cost and then choose the foot dry P2P bound be severely punished by law.

Like 2011 hot buys, buy site in 2013 only U.S. groups, handle, rice, several. 2014 , P2P net loan will be fierce competition in the industry , industry consolidation , either to get capital investment , or take refuge in BAT , etc. For the first choice , it would appear favorable network, which has gained the love P2P network investment credit capital investment the upper hand , the other P2P must continue to oh.

Inter Or, choose the powerful combination of the industry, resource restructuring. Lu Ye predicted that 2014 will be Tuomohengfei credit P2P networks, may one day prior to the acquisition of the rumor, the next day it announced the acquisition of investments or acquisitions, anything is possible.

Third, Paypal wallet and micro-channel payment under fierce battle line

After the August 2013 launch of the micro-channel pay, on the next line during intense promotion, in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities already enjoy convenient micro-channel payments. When micro-channel payment gaining momentum in October, Alipay announced wallet to pay in person, in November announced an independent brand, and then cooperate with intime, the United States should be good, fast taxi, and actively layout of the line.

Micro- payment under the letter is with the top grade discount, 7-Eleven convenience stores in Guangzhou and other cooperation layout line, pays on -line micro-channel cooperation with millet, millet 3 launch specials, it is believed to stimulate micro- payment account number. In the micro-channel pay launched 100 days, the number of users reached 20 million, while the number of paypal users exceeded 100 million purse marks are spent three years.

2014 , Paypal wallet and micro-channel pay expand ” battle” will be online next , this is a war of no smoke , after six months of gestation in 2013 , 2014 will be a watershed for both sides , who seize the initiative, will initiative in the market accounted for the huge market potential the line , Lu Ye believed to Alipay payment wallet and micro-channel , this will be a protracted war .