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Baidu mobile phone users hurts guards

Recently, Baidu Security Labs released a mobile security report. The report shows Android platform security situation worsening, the number of infected users has continued to rise in the third quarter of this year has more than 5 million. Meanwhile, as the number of users growing steadily Andrews permeability security applications unexpectedly fell, unsafe environment also spawned demand for mobile phone users to optimize and secure software. To this end, December 18, Baidu announced its mobile system optimization products. ” Andrews optimization guru ” upgraded to ” Baidu mobile guards,” a strong move into the field of security. In Andrews optimization guru, based on the Baidu mobile guards were substantial capacity upgrades, new professional virus killing capacity, the main ” anti- smoking costs, the provincial traffic ” feature.

The move to Baidu , Information Technology Research Institute of Tsinghua University Associate Professor Chan Chun : “In the past on a desktop system , the processor from 32-64 It took 20 years of development , while the iPhone from 32 to the current 64-bit architecture , in just six years . Quickly upgrade phone hardware performance, and promote the outbreak of mobile applications, giving a powerful phone features, it also brings application redundancy, running slow, memory consumption efficiency. Ahead, with mobile Internet further penetration of everyday life to the users, their mobile payment, mobile banking and other services, letting greatly highlight the importance of mobile security. ”

Meanwhile, Chen Zhen pointed out that people demand for mobile security software core is actually: Optimizing + security, and now, Baidu mobile guards combined the needs of users, can be described as just right.

It is understood that Baidu mobile guards Andrews optimization guru in the continuation of the system optimization and harassment prevention lead, mobile acceleration, refuse removal, ranked first worldwide application management capabilities, the ability to further strengthen anti-harassment. Meanwhile, Baidu mobile guards developed ” anti- smoking costs ” feature, you can also scan a comprehensive mobile application, the first time the discovery and precise killing charge back applications.

In addition, Baidu mobile guards new virus killing function is also of concern, Baidu mobile antivirus engine (TrustGo) maintains the international advanced level in the field of mobile phone virus killing. Internationally renowned security software testing organization AV-Test of November the latest evaluation results show that Baidu mobile antivirus engines to 100% killing rate, zero false positives, performance out of a possible 13 points ranked first worldwide good results.

In fact, Baidu Mobile Guard has the ability to people in the industry have said good, we generally reflect today’s rates , the property is a mobile security difficulties, Baidu the release of mobile guards , pushing anti- smoking costs the function , identify universal user pain points , from traffic monitoring calls , smoking costs the virus killing the prepaid recharge service , a set of solutions which can fully meet user demand for mobile security , worthy of recognition .