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Chen guangbiao to the acquisition, “the New York Times.”

” Recently, I’ll go to America to do three things, the first thing is to go to negotiate the acquisition of ” New York Times “.” Philanthropist, China Huangpu Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. Chen cursor go, words and deeds will be people attention.

Tonight ( December 30 ) , he appeared in the 4th floor , Luohu District, Shenzhen Peng Hotel conference hall , attended the ” overseas Chinese media Cooperation Organization” and co- organized by the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po , ” 2013 China International Media Awards ” live in obtaining after the “Success Stories ” title , he does so his acceptance speech .

Referred to the acquisition, ” the New York Times,” the audience laughing, ” put the satellite is to it.”

The night of December 24 , Chen cursor spent a Dongfeng truck to a vehicle, a total of 16 tons one hundred yuan in Nanjing makeshift open-air several meters high red account “assemble ” a three-sided ” wall of money ” and a “money table,” the ” studio ” , site promotional economic Census .

Network again in an uproar.

As for tonight, he again stunned the world, the acquisition of ” New York Times “, drew a stunned audience, guests and media, some even laughing: “? ! Put the satellite put too much of it,” Reporters micro-channel circle of friends was also questioned, “Standard brother, then you also believe that? ”

According to news media reports, Chen cursor and the ” New York Times” from August 2012 , Chen cursor spend about thirty thousand U.S. dollars in the ” New York Times ” published a half-page ad , declaring the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory ; August 5 this year , Chen ‘s son Chen cursor environment in the ” New York Times ” advertisements declared sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands again ; August 11 , Chen cursor again in the ” New York Times ” published a half -page advertisement , calling Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe not to visit Yasukuni Shrine .

Public information, ” New York Times ” (The NewYork Times) sometimes referred to as the ” Times ” (The Times). the New York Daily News is a publication of the issue in the world, has considerable influence on behalf of senior U.S. Newspapers / serious publications, has long been a good credibility and authority.

During the meeting, Chen cursor in an interview with reporters to ” buy” the New York Times, ” ” did not elaborate on the issue, said only ” under negotiation.” After the rush to leave, left a business card and then did not answer reporters Chen cursor phone, nor the reporter consulted about the acquisition, ” New York Times” SMS reply.

” Died in the wealthy, is a disgrace.”

In an interview with reporters, his hand on how to fulfill the social responsibility of Chinese entrepreneurs eloquent.

He said he has three levels of awareness of the social responsibility of Chinese entrepreneurs , one company responsible for the people , for the people to produce safe , reliable products , not swindling , not pollute the environment ; Second, entrepreneurs have to make their own may solve some multi- service employment, pay more taxes, not tax evasion ; three is the same as standard brother voluntarily and consciously put out of pocket a percentage of net out to do some ecological and environmental protection , helping the poor thing do some positive energy work.

“As an entrepreneur, as the Comrade Xiaoping said, the first money to help the rich, for our society, we should make some contribution.” Cursor Chen said, “Fortune water, you have to drink a glass of water, you there is a bucket of water, you can put yourself at home when you have a river, you have to learn to share with others. ”

” As the saying goes, money as dirt, students do not bring refuses to take life live on in respect of the philanthropist, died lonely than a single book on the miser glorious, great.” Chen cursor said he also cited the United States ” steel king” Carnegie famously said. ” died in the wealthy, is a disgrace.”