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PC operating system market winter giants how to play the field

As an item of the digital age represents, PC’s in the past is undoubtedly brilliant. And all group companies and PC -related family also became the concentration of interest.
Passage of your energy and effort, the passing of your energy and effort, the former PC giant Dell, HP, Acer and other brands have a congregation into a quagmire, PC industry downturn to see.

According to the International Information Corporation IDC, global PC deliveries in the third one fourth were 80.3 thousand designs, down 7.6% overall, bringing PC deliveries have been six consecutive quarters of decrease. the newest in Apple’s earnings report reveals that 2013 financial seasons. Apple organization marketed 16.34 thousand designs Mac, which is from the minimum level since 2010.
The data show that everything. PC industry has joined a brutal winter ever. However, even if the PC has not been so popular, PC overall dimension the industry is still there. Breeze face lingering, but also producers of computers in Microsof organization’s effective warning in the context of how other giants will perform?
Nowadays, such as Apple organization, search engines has begun more and more overweight in the PC Os in the area, I wish, when the decrease in the overall organization by expanding a discussion.
Mac OS 100% free, really is outflanked Microsof organization does?
October 23, Apple Organization declared a new affiliate marketing had been paid update of the Mac OS is now a 100% free update to the newest Mavericks, while a sequence of 100% free program tools.
Apple’s 100% free technique, for many analysts seems to Microsof Organization for outflanking. But do not forget that Apple organization and Microsof organization’s organizational structure is absolutely different. Its strategic effect of converting to Microsof organization suddenly appears.
Mac 100% free to update techniques and providing the program is not so much sniping Microsof organization, as it is to pay tribute to their unparalleled achievements iOS learning.
Apple is not a program vendor, but rather a program and components producers. Regardless of Apple’s program is not 100% free, mostly only on Apple organization’s own gadgets operating (apart from Safari and iTunes). So Apple organization program items for 100% free, only affect Apple organization system customers, while other customers outside this ecosystem are generally meaningless.
But the achievements of iOS that provide customers with first-class incorporated program and components assistance solutions will greatly enhance the components item sales. As of June, this season, iOS system’s complete item product sales have exceeded 600 thousand, while it is estimated that in Oct, when iOS gadgets will achieve 700 thousand, item product sales are very considerable.
System updates iOS gadgets like Apple’s personal computers are not devices, update their techniques from the outset is 100% free. Unless the program is fully seasoned cannot run the newest program, and Apple organization offers the newest program to iOS gadgets.
Doing so did not have any item sales of Apple’s gadgets effect, but lets consumers prefer Apple organization gadgets, iOS system item sales hit record highs is the best example.
At one time , devices item sales is Apple organization ‘s primary earnings , in contrast to a purely proprietary program item sales is almost negligible ; while Apple organization APP shop is increasingly important for the fourth one fourth, Apple’s iTunes program and solutions earnings for the one fourth achieved $ 4.4 billion dollars , an improve of 22% , with powerful development in APP stroke also need to enhance the number of gadgets to back up. So long as they can pull components item sales, program 100% free for Apple organization and not much affected.
The program is 100% free. Another one of the advantages is obvious that people are more willing to update to the newest program. As of Oct 23, 2013, Cook speech mentioned 64% of the iPhone has been upgraded to iOS 7 programmes, but now from the iOS 7 released just over four months. IOS 7 almost become the fastest distributed os.
When most customers update to the newest program, program developers who develop programs without too much when both the old program and sacrificed too much because of the compatibility of the new features. While Apple Organization APP shop most of enough time needs only suitable with the newest os audit program.
Since the rules of this ready-made children so effective in the iOS world, then copy the effective experience to Mac OS ecology, is a very natural thing.
From an organization perspective, apple’s os promising. July of this season, in the pc industry, Microsoft Windows organization of 92.01%, Mac OS to 6.97% of the performance ranking second. In comparison to its big sibling Microsof organization , Mac OS organization is still very small , so I’m leaving it to perform space is still very huge, even if the overall discuss of 1-2 % improve, for Apple organization ‘s own deliveries for all is a an explosion.
On the other side, though Apple organization hopes to offer more Mac, but also more wish is to make more money. Earnings in the organization of Apple’s emphasis on this point of the iPhone’s placement can be seen. Even Andrews has marketed more than Apple organization. This does not affect Apple organization is still the most effective smart phone manufacturer.
This will proceed on a Mac. Apple organization while the 100% free part of its os and program, Apple organization does not want to sacrifice too much of the advantages in exchange for organization, Mac will proceed with its high-end placement, and high-end under normal circumstances is not popular. So even if Apple’s os 100% free update technique has been effective, does not give Microsof organization substantial cause too much pressure. But for Apple organization, as long as you can offer more devices, its profits will be even more impressive.
Microsoft’s monopoly position, and turned into the devices in the area?
In the area of PC operating-system for many years when Big Brother Microsof organization these days has not been idle, and the acquisition of Nokia, also intends to modify CEO, it not too busy heating up.
Microsoft, the world’s largest program manufacturer, is experiencing particular conditions, apparently has no previous relaxed calm. Micronor organization began a radical modify. This transformation includes two factors.
On the one side, Microsof organization has presented a controversial program to Win 8, wants to pc and item techniques incorporation together to type a huge unified program. While however released surface area series Tablet, emulate Apple organization program and components, incorporated package.
With the iPad’s popularity, Microsof organization no longer sits still. To know that as early as 2001, Microsof organization has already presented a contact laptop table pc idea and manufacturing of some items, however, due to various reasons, the sequence has not joined the popular industry. Micronor organization cannot sit idly by Apple organization in the area of a single huge contact. To this end, Microsof organization presented its next-generation os, Win 8.
And Apple organization Mac OS, iOS double program strategies are different, Microsof organization Win 8 a program trying to satisfy both pc and item two requirements. Appropriate for the unique pc program and a new contact interface has become the concentration of Microsoft windows propaganda.
Win 8 in the call, OEM producers have presented a wide range of deformation of this, there are flip -style, plughole, shaft type, split -screen keyboard, and various forms of heating is not easy to perform, very lively.
Although these items look cool. But its actual deliveries are not optimistic. According to foreign media statistics, as of Oct this season, Microsoft Windows 8 is currently only occupy the popular pc program circulation rate 8% organization, and Mac OS techniques considerably. But to know the placement of Win 8 is not just a full pc program, which is a primary interface is absolutely flat. If the item is also added to the calculation, the discussion of Microsoft Windows 8 will probably lower.
In inclusion to OEM producers who supervise the development of new cross-border items and Microsof organization itself also shiftless. Micronor organization CEO Steve Ballmer had previously declared plans to transform into ” devices and solutions ” organization and started its own manufacturing program equipped with a components system.
Microsoft’s components gadgets surface area series has released the second creation of items. Surface area inclusion to its os pre-installed, the item also comes in some of its office items. Micronor organization Surface area items given great expectations , but its first-generation earnings bleak, so far not released the relevant item sales data, Microsoft windows newest processing reveals one of Microsof organization ‘s entertainment and gadgets division earnings loss of 015 thousand , while earnings meeting Microsof organization CFO Ai m Hood also acknowledged that the situation of the sector ‘s performance , ” the greatest effect or falls Surface area factors .”
Microsoft joined the devices in the area, and in fact did not bring economic advantages, but it offended the unique and its close relationship with the PC producers, does not seem an excellent chess move.
Microsoft’s pc os technique seems to be nothing to do. Nothing incensed. To be suitable with traditional and new trends to catch up, licensing organization to proceed, but also on its own components items.
Microsoft’s layout so that most people are scratching their heads, but it has a huge dominance of Microsof organization is still very effective. Microsoft windows newest processing reveals the first one fourth of financial 2014 , Microsoft windows earnings achieved $ 18.53 billion dollars , in contrast to $ 16 billion dollars last season grew 16 % ; net profit achieved $ 5.24 billion dollars , in contrast to last year’s $ 4.47 billion dollars increased 17 % .
Even Win 8 and surface area did not get much praise, but an excellent earnings so that Microsof organization still has sufficient a chance to try to explore a wide range of new gameplay.
Internet gamers Search engines spoiler
Google as the Online’s emerging power, has been entrenched for Microsof organization operating-system eyeing areas. Of course, for Search engines, the license fees are not naturally like Search engines are seeking to offer devices nor search engines’s strengths. Search engines want is for devices imported by the enormous visitors.
For Search engines, the online visitors are almost everything. Search engines are almost all organizational designs are built on the circulation of marketing earnings brought over.
From search engines declared Search engines 2013 third one fourth results, Search engines third one fourth complete earnings of $ 14.89 billion dollars degrees. Among which accounted for 92% of marketing earnings to achieve $ 13.77 billion dollars.
Back in 2009, Search engines have released a test called the Cr-48 designs, hoping to come from the Firefox browser extension for Firefox OS program into the PC area, and make the PC industry into the reasoning era.
While holding the Samsung Chromebook Firefox OS also once occupied Amazon Mall laptop item sales list, let search engines see a glimmer of wish. Since search engines are the introduction of high-end version of the laptop chromebook Pixel, but because of dismal item sales price is too great.
phonebook Although the idea is very excellent, but the reality is such that it can not become a actual choice for laptop , because Chromebook all programs require the Online, and the present Online environment is clearly not excellent enough to ensure that any moment you can access the Online , use of too few also hindered its faster development.
The search engines Reggie Andrews another one by virtue of the power performance of the cell phone industry, rapid development, but there is a trend to enter the pc.
With Apple ‘s interest on the Android operating system market , Android operating system operating on the X86 architecture has generally been no major problems. Apple’s recent communication meeting, a wide range of holding Win 8 and Android operating system double program of the laptop appears in the booth. Andrews became pc techniques become possible.
However, these items are not yet available in the marketplace scale, so its industry acceptance has yet to be tested.
Whether Firefox OS or Android operating system, and its exploration in the pc industry still in its infancy. But with a 100 % free and open Online comes to search engines , its potential is not easy to be underestimated .
Although the same as the os, but in a different role gamers do not seem to do it the same.
Operating program is Microsoft windows biggest and most direct earnings. The transition into ” gadgets and solutions ” organization, Microsof organization, is also experiencing their unique organizational structure challenges.
For Apple organization, touting its program and components incorporation system is the ultimate objective, to this end, cut off a small meat absolutely irrelevant. For Search engines, the objective is to control the online portal, to get visitors to realize, as from Andrews or Chorme OS, also, or Firefox browsers are not so important.
The Times modifies. Modify pc os is imperative. Is the incorporation or independence, or cloud- based stand-alone. All this is not the answer. But what is certain is that the future of the PC Os industry, and even the PC industry, and the present type will be very different.