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Tips for Server maintenance

Any company’s main electronic digital assets are stored in modern relational data products. Commercial and government organizations use these database servers are obtained personnel information, such as employee payroll, medical records, and so on. So they have a responsibility to protect the privacy of others, and for them to be kept confidential. The database server also exists previous and future sensitive financial data, including trading records, commercial contracts and billing data. As technology ownership , engineering data , and even market planning and other decision-making confidential information, you must keep secret for competition and prevents unauthorized access to the database server also includes detailed customer information, such as financial accounts , credit card numbers and business partners credit information.
On your computer whether or not there is critical data, and do not want them to fall into the wrong hands it? Of course, they are entirely possible. Moreover, in recent years, the risk of suffering from the server is greater than ever. More and more viruses, hackers with evil intentions, and those who will serve as espionage their goals. Obviously, the server’s security issues cannot be ignored.

Not only in the finished article will describe all aspects of computer security issues. After all, on this topic has been discussed in numerous books in. I am following have to do is tell you seven tips to maintain your server security.

Skills I : Protect your backup server rental

To understand why, imagine, most backup jobs are at about 10:00 or 11:00 time began. The entire backup process is usually at midnight, when the end, depending on how much data you want to back up. Now, imagine, the time has come to four o’clock, your backup has been completed. However, nothing can stop some people steal your data on a tape recorded them in their own home or your office competitors on one server to restore them.
Every good network administrator knows that every day backup network server and tape recorder away from the scene to protect against accidental disasters. But the problem is far more than just a safe backup so simple. Most people do not realize that your backup is actually a huge security hole.
However, you can prevent this from happening. First, you can password protect your backup tapes and if you program supports encryption, you can encrypt the data. Second, you can complete the backup process work scheduled in your morning commute time. In this case, even if someone wants to sneak in at midnight the day before, then stole the tape, they will because the tape is being used and cannot succeed. If the thief or pop the tape away, then the data on the tape also worthless.

Skills II : Use callback function to the RAS server rental

Windows NT is one of the coolest features on the remote access server (RAS) support. Unfortunately, a RAS server on an attempt to hack into your system is an open door. Hackers everything you need is just a phone number, and sometimes needs a little patience, then you can enter a host via RAS up. But you can take some of the ways to ensure the safety of the RAS server.

You want to use the technology will largely depend on how you use your remote RAS. If a remote user is often not on changes in home or similar place of calling host, I suggest you use a callback function, which allows remote users to log off after connection. RAS server then dial a pre-defined user’s phone number on again. Because this number is preset, the hackers have no chance to set the server callback number.

Tips three : to basic Server Hosting

For this reason, you need to basics. All you need on the server that contains sensitive data are converted to NTFS disk partition format. Likewise, you also need all the anti-virus software up to date. I suggest you both the server and desktop anti-virus software running on the terminal. The software should also be configured to automatically download the latest virus every database files. You should know that you can install for Exchange Server anti- virus software. This software scans all incoming e-mail, looking for infected attachments, when it finds a virus, it will automatically be infected messages that reached users in the past isolated.
I know this sounds like nonsense, but when we talk about the security of the network server, I can give you the best advice is not to do a layman. When hackers started to attack your network, they will first check whether there is a general security vulnerabilities, even before considering the high degree of difficulty a little break security systems mean. Thus, for example, data on the server when you are present in a FAT disk partition, even though the installation of all the world’s security software nor will you have much help.
Finally, remember that the user access to the entire network of anything at all requires a password. Have to force everyone to use high-strength uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in passwords? the Windows NT Server Resource bag has a good tool for this task. You should always set aside some of the expired passwords and update also requires the user’s password is not less than eight characters. If you’ve done all this work but still worried about password security, you can try some hacking tools downloaded from the Internet and then himself in the end to find out how secure these passwords.
Another good way to protect your network users to stay in the company is based on the time -limited their access to the network. A usually temporary employees to work during the day should not be allowed three o’clock in the morning when the temporary access to the network, unless the employee’s supervisor tells you it is required for a particular project.