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China Telecom Colocation
    Xiamen telecom data center is China telecom AAA data center,CHINANET is one of the major international exports,Has been built area of area of about 1500 ㎡, more than 600 boxes.7*24 hours power supply, to provide dual mains, UPS, backup diesel generators, etc., to ensure continuous power supply rate was 99.99%.
    Xiamen telecom data center has strong maintenance and support force,Telecom machine room management experience for many years, the Internet network maintenance experience and site construction maintenance experience of senior professional engineers responsible for the daily management,Provide for the customer from the data center equipment maintenance to the network equipment troubleshooting, etc. 7 x24 hours of professional and technical support.
Address:xSoftware Park 2, Xiamen City, No. 53, Wanghai
Area: 10000 ㎡
Levels: national AAA grade standard
Power: backup oil + machine, dual N + 1 UPS backup each other
Bandwidth: 40GB straight even ChinaNet backbone fiber optic cable channels
Air conditioning: the air supply, constant temperature and humidity of precision air conditioning
Firewall: CISCO GUARD, shield 32GB cluster
Xiamen Telecom Data Center
Unit/Space 1U 2U 4U
Power <350W <400W <400W
IP Address 1 1 1
Traffic 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
Monthly $149 USD $235 USD $280 USD
Annually $1490 USD $2350 USD $2800 USD
24-48 hours after activation server
Three times a month free reinstall system
Manual restart 7*24 hours
Help check the server hardware and network problems
Test ip:
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