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Hong Kong Colocation
    PCCW-HKT Data Center is the world's one of the best data center,its submarine cables around the world, can be directly connected to multiple countries.And enjoy world class data center facilities and management measures, to the server to operate under high speed, stable and safe environment.
    PCCW-HKT Data Center Gigabit network connecting the Hong Kong exchange center of the Internet, and multi-channel, DS3 and E1s STM - 1, with the United States, China, Taiwan, Asia and Europe and other countries.Have 7 x24 provides telecom IDC environment protection ability.Adopts frame structure design, overhead floor bearing up to 800 kg/m2, solid structure, designed to withstand a magnitude 8.Provide a / 19-inch standard rack, configuration in every boxes double circuit power supply, with fire prevention, anti-static interference booth materials, ventilation design of frame properly solved the managed device heat dissipation problem.
PCCW-HKT Data Center
Unit/Space 1U 2U 4U
Power 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A
IP Address 1 1 1
Traffic 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
Monthly $149 USD $169 USD $239 USD
Annually $1600 USD $1800 USD $2500 USD
Power supply
    Two way mains supply, 99.9% continuous power supply guarantee; Dual 400 kva UPS power protection, N + 1 redundancy backup, the system automatically switch; 1600 kwx2 diesel generating sets; 2200 va per frame power supply.
Air conditioning
    Italian HIROSS room dedicated water-cooled air conditioning, refrigerating capacity greater than 600 kcal/M2, room temperature control in 15 to 25 degrees, relative humidity is 30% ~ 70%.
Fire protection
    Fire protection system configuration fire sensors and injection unit, fire extinguishing system adopts automatic/manual FM200 gas fire extinguishing system, machine room walls, doors, ceiling with fire protection building materials, armed with the escape door, first aid facilities fully comply with the fire code.
    Using a deal PDS integrated wiring system, transmission medium for super five kind of cables, coaxial cables, optical fiber connection, optical fiber support gigabit Ethernet interface, each frame in advance several 100 MB network interface.
    7 x24 hours professional security guards on duty, the fingerprint janitor, IC access card system, 7 x24 hours Sweden AXIS digital video monitoring system, using separate cage VIP zone is established.
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